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RE: Finished the closet shelves

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One day I want to re-do my whole closet and build all my own shelves. I rented an old house that had tons of built in storage. It was awesome!!! Those turned or dang good!! I like how you didn’t just use a square block on the sides and actually botched them out. Well done!!

Just an idea to keep the shelves from sagging in the middle. I have no idea how much weight is going to be on them but a simple block in the middle on the back (long side) of the shelf will do wonders. I tend to overload everything, that is the only reason I mention it. 😉

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I am the same and tend to destroy shelves from loading them down. Wife said she is planning on filling crates to put on the shelves which is actually going to work well as it will spread the weight out better. I had to put support blocks on the shelves I built in the boy's room as I was a doofus and forgot about the grain of plywood so the shelves sag easily without them.

I had to think a bit about the brackets since there is a 1.5" difference between the walls and the shelves and I didn't want to have a gap between them and the wall.

Storage, shelving, and organizational cubbies are some of the best things to build in a house. I love me a good set of shelves!

Here I was thinking you just got all fancy with the brackets. Lol. They are actually designed that way for a reason. Nice!! Now that is how you make it happen. 👍🏻👍🏻

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a simple block in the middle on the back

That is something I need to keep in mind. Hate bent shelves.