Learning Which Type of Meditation is Best for Your Wellbeing

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Meditation practices are spawning all over the world. With increased visibility comes increased confusion. 

There are so many kinds of meditations being touted as the best by all kinds of peddlers of meditations. 

It all started with Swamy Vivekananda's visit to the Parliament of World Religions, Chicago in 1893. Then came Parahamsa Yogananda of Self Realization Fellowship fame. Next it was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's turn. These three luminaries ignited the light of meditation in the west. 

After them and in between there were many others, both from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, who contributed to the teaching of meditation. Everyone had their own method of meditation. In fact there are many more techniques of meditation than what we see being offered now. Lord Shiva, who is known as the first yogi, is known to have dispensed with 112 techniques of meditations. 

With so many techniques, naturally there is bound to be confusion.  In the shared article below, there is some guide on how to wade through that maze. 

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