The Reason that BITCOIN Has Value is Because...

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Dont have enough data to watch the video now but i will watch it later in theday sir .
But i know that your post is always a good one.

I have been involved with cryptocurrencies for some time, but I have to admit I didn't really understand the technology they were based upon.

I am just learning about what the blockchain really is now, which is a very sophisticated file system. The blockchain means transparency and accountability. Mainstream media tries to pass currency based on Blockchain technology as something that was created souly to evade taxes and promote criminal activity.

They would like us to believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just a passing phase and a poor investment.

I know, and you know it is not. This video awesomely demonstrates this point. Thanks!

To elaborate on you point about freedom, I believe that bitcoin uses its technological advances to help us mold our assets into something that's either just a store of value, or a innovative workaround to problems such as the one that wikiLeaks was facing.

Unlike traditional banks, bitcoin development is actively seen providing solutions to holders to lower the barrier of entry for people who want to create seamless, decentralized payment networks from anywhere. This is why SegWit is so appreciated because it lowers transaction fees and transaction times, while the banks would love to have bloated options such as ACH transfers/wires and high overage fees from us forgetting the charge we had on our account 5 days ago still hasn't cleared while we made another purchase.

It also instills a sense of integrity compared to more traditional payment structures. According to this link:
banks invest the money that they recieve from the people who deposit in the bank, not letting them know unless the customer pursues the information themselves and pays them peanuts in subpar APY rates (Wells Fargo graces you with 0.01%!). Meanwhile bitcoin has a public ledger which shows you where your funds are going and the mempool to see why it cost the amount it does to send your bitcoin to another address.

In short, bitcoin allows you to be versatile with your hard earned money, either by allowing you to become your own altruistic financial institution, or just an average joe trying to increase their net worth by hodling.

bitcoin better by all coin.

Bitcoin - freedom!

It's very interesting when we realize how much freedom the bitcoin has improved and upgraded our economic system in the areas of versatility and flexibility, its obvious it's a very clear unhealthy rivalry to the money banks in our nations. Great post sir. I do graphics 3d, 2d, I could help you handle your graphics designs for your posts. Just contact me if need be.

Thanks for the upade and I had been campaigning the benefit of bitcoin to lots of people.