BITCOIN and Cryptocurrencies were the highlights of AWSummit's "Trends in the live cam business" panel

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As many of you know, i participated in the AWSummit 2018 in Romania. Among all the panels and presentations there, this was one of my favorite. It amazed me to see how popular bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became in just one year. Watch the video and feel free to comment. (sorry for the blurriness in the first part of the camera misbehaved)


Rachel SkyPrivate - Head of Business Development

Rachel is Head of Business Development at SkyPrivate, a Pay Per Minute plugin for Skype™ that enables LIVE private video calls as well as prepaid shows. The SkyPrivate plugin, offers a safe way to hold private shows on Skype while making sure that your privacy is always protected.

Rachel has 8 years experience in the Telco mainstream industry and for almost 2 years has been tackling the adult one offering her know-how in the Account Management, Sales and Marketing areas.


Den BongaCams - Model/Studio Manager

Den is the Model/Studio Manager at - one of the largest and fastest growing webcam sites in the world.


LiviaChoice - Independent Webcam Performer

Independent Webcam Performer (ImLive). The First & Only Writing Model with articles in all major industry magazines (AVN, AW News, YNOT, XBIZ). Prominent speaker at adult webcam industry events (AWSummit, LALEXPO, TheEuropeanSummit, WebmasterAccess). Pioneer in the discussion of emotional issues regarding camming. Communication Scientist with a PhD, currently developing an unprecedented theory, entitled -the social aspect of camming- (centered on the emotional connections built between models and members, models and camsites/studios, and interactions between the models themselves).


John Carvalho - CEO @ Xotika.TV

John has more than 5 years experience in the Bitcoin industry and has spent the last year bringing this important new technology to the world of adult video chat with the emerging camsite, Xotika.TV.


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I love crytpo coins and i don't have prejudice against any. So if you would like to donate some feel free to do it.

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Is xotika still BTC only?

It seems to be going nowhere fast in terms of web traffic, even while crypto was soaring.

[email protected] thankfully this site accept dozen of altcoins, aswell featuring a lot of models ,although it differ from i think their project is dead .

Yes it is. They don't plan to change it.

That post reads as dyed in the wool BTC maximalism to me. At some point if your site keeps declining or going nowhere, you've got to see that you're not on the right path..

Unfortunately he is. Even booted me from telegram group for being a scammer when I stated his customers wanted to use other coins and not accepting them was terrible customer service.

That's some real dedication to the cause.

I bet if DLive had a camming section it would get more traffic on the first day.

I don't make the rules on Xotika. I can only tell you what they say...however maybe in the future they will implement another payment option, but right now i prefer if they would focus on building the site more and make it better instead of focusing on implementing other crypto coins.
Also, this panel was not about Xotika, it was about how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity and becoming a trend in the adult industry, more than ever...last year at the same summit no one even cared so much about it...and this year it was all everyone was talking about.

Is there any public data on the level of usage so far?

There is no data as far as i know, but it's obviously on people minds. Especially after the cam industry took a big hit when one of the banks they were using for payment processing LOCKED customer funds. Sites like SkyPrivate mentioned a large increase in Bitcoin usage after that event. This was covered in the "How bitcoin is changing payment processing " panel that i will upload soon.