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RE: Black and White Bokeh Drawing - Time Lapse

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Is it finger, tortillion or foam you used in blending?? For I know I know tortillion and foam to be good blending materials but the disadvantage of both of them whenever I blend is that it doesn't retain the value of the charcoal or pastel tone. It makes it look brighter. But for finger, It even makes it darker and even. But by the way, Your black and white drawing is so nice. Just as nice as your coloured pastel drawings. Watching you make the drawing was so satisfying to watch and I am like "Oh so this is how it looks when I draw too" haha. You awesome. Keep doing art.


Ahaha yeah it’s always nice to go back and see how I did it :) That’s why I like filming it ;)

That's great. I couldn't find you on discord. Could you please help drop your discord username with the number for me?

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I rarely go on. But It’s Vaank.Moon

Ohh thank you. I will drop a message

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I can't still find you. You whatsapp?

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