Black and White Bokeh Drawing - Time Lapse

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Materials: Chalk-pastel coloring pencils, Charcoal Black Medium, Charcoal Black Medium Dark
Strathmore Bristol 300, Charcoal Primo, uni-ball Signo

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Hello how are you? you have a very good level of realism

Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you @jennimorillo. I do my best :)

You do well!

Beautiful friend I love drawing when you make drawings with chalk pencils it takes a beautiful effect besides you are a genius in this of drawings

How are you?

Hello @yesslife I'm doing well. Hope you are too! I'm happy you like my artwork :))

I'm glad to know you are fine

I love doing good works of art every time you impress me more

I love the effect that this drawing is like a black and white photo, the chalk gives a good effect to the drawings I like

Yes black chalk is still one of my favorite medium when it comes to drawing

Ahhhh. The good old was all in black and white back then:)

And now there's mixed :)

Wow that great, black and white art! Really nice art! Always wonderful art getting from you, i appreciate your amazing art all time. Enjoyed your d tube video,thanks .

Thank you @tangera for always checking my post :)

Great drawing technique!
(I have new drawings and hope you look at them:)

I’ll check it out thank you :)

Wow, you really impressed me with this video.Nice job.
Thank you for sharing @vaansteam :)

Your welcome! Glad you like it!

You have a lot of experience when it comes to blacks and whites, ¡as you said earlier in a video Attention must be paid to the details of the background and to every aspect!

Thank you for remembering what I said in my earlier post :)

I have been following your blog and writing very well. I hope we can be friends! OK? I also hope that you can pay attention to me and cast a valuable vote for me! thanks again! @zero12345

Yea ofcourse It’s always nice to be friend :)

es realmente asombroso lo que haces, espero que sigas inspirando a las demas personas con tu arte...Felicidadesss

Thank you!

As usual, amazing work is wonderful

Thank you so much

drawing, realisim are made wonderful post.
Keep doing the best @vaansteam

I will! Thank you!

Hello sir, this is the first time i visited your blog and also seen your previous posts , really you are very talented and jenius artist. I like art and it's very hard to me but you are drawing so easily and describe nicely that's great, liked this ,also liked your d tube video, thanks.

Thank you so much for liking my art :)

Hi Vaan, I've got to take a look at Steemit before going to bed and I see you've done another magnificent drawing, and a good explanation of all the steps you've given until its completion, I liked the texture that you give to the hair and how you end up with those Details. Thank you so much for naming me as a winner. See you in next post. Good night, everybody.

You’re very welcome! Thank you for always supporting my post!

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Thank you!

Perfect drawing sir @vaansteam. Your beautiful drawing always impressed us. I appreciate your brilliant creativity.

Thank you so much friend!


Thank you!

Dear, this one is yet another masterpiece from you. How much time it took you to complete this portrait?

This drawing took me about 3hrs to finish

No pain, no gain.

Nice post.
How are you?

Thank you! I’m doing well thanks for asking! I hope u are well too

Me encanta tu trabajo, siempre quise aprender
pero no se meda. pero admiro a los artistas que enseñan sus técnicas y todo lo que saben. Éxito

Uno no pinta siempre lo que ve, sino lo que siente. Vincent Van Gogh

Thank you 😊

Excellent portrait.

Thank you

That was awesome.
I would love to be able to draw like that.
Great Job sir.

Hello friend @vaansteam, I have returned after some time absent from this community, the truth continues to surprise me his skill in pencil drawings, color and charcoal, the truth I congratulate you have enough level. I will try to follow your steps. jajaja. My regards, brother from venezuela

Welcome back my friend. Hope to see more post from you :)

it's an incredible and meticulous job!

Thank you very much!

I like art. You are a great artist. Thanks for sharing dlive video which helps us to be a artist.

Thank you for checking out my dlive video :)

Is it finger, tortillion or foam you used in blending?? For I know I know tortillion and foam to be good blending materials but the disadvantage of both of them whenever I blend is that it doesn't retain the value of the charcoal or pastel tone. It makes it look brighter. But for finger, It even makes it darker and even. But by the way, Your black and white drawing is so nice. Just as nice as your coloured pastel drawings. Watching you make the drawing was so satisfying to watch and I am like "Oh so this is how it looks when I draw too" haha. You awesome. Keep doing art.

Ahaha yeah it’s always nice to go back and see how I did it :) That’s why I like filming it ;)

That's great. I couldn't find you on discord. Could you please help drop your discord username with the number for me?

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I rarely go on. But It’s Vaank.Moon

Ohh thank you. I will drop a message

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I can't still find you. You whatsapp?

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you killed the portrait.Great job

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Hello, your work is amazing! I'm an aspiring graphic designer/illustrator and pretty much new to Steemit's art community. A few days back, I wanted to draw a portrait of the author Banana Yoshimoto but I realised I didn't know how to go about it. I usually see people shading the dark regions of the face then mid tones, then highlights - and I wonder if that's what you do digitally too? Yesterday I completed an artwork and the face didn't look too bad, so I guess I'm heading somewhere! If you could take a look and suggest improvements, it'd mean a great deal to me! Thank you and have a nice day!

Here is the link:

Greate piece of art man