3D VR DEX for DLUX Token Alpha Version

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DLUX has been reborn on HIVE. The token sale continues, and progress on the architecture has advanced at a rapid pace. This experience currently has no financial interactivity like our original ICO VR portal, which will be coming soon.TM

In the meantime we are putting the finishing touches on our 2D DEX at dlux.io/dex, and beginning construction on the VR DEX. Users will be able to walk in and exchange HIVE for DLUX via atomic swaps on the DEX, or convert HIVE to DLUX directly. Stay tuned for more, we welcome feedback via comments and our Discord.

Click the link below to explore the VR scene for yourself, loaded right out of IPFS. And if you don't have any DLUX tokens yet... What are you waiting for??

View in VR @ dlux.io


DId I understund right VR + DEX ?
You should buy land on Earth2 VR game, and In the future when phase3 comes out, build VR dex integrated into gameplay.
That would be amazing

That's right! DLUX takes a different approach than the land sale paradigm. VR eliminates land scarcity, so we focused on building a platform that allows users to make a VR scene using A-Frame and upload it to IPFS, then post it to Hive so they can monetize it. We even had a VR ICO portal back on the old chain, fully integrated with Keychain, wallet, and the ability to send and tip crypto in virtual reality. We've had to do a lot of work to switch over to Hive, and getting this alpha VR Dex is another important step, as our builder is almost fully functional once again. If you're interested in building a VR game or clubhouse or whatever, join us!

That sounds exciting.
Smart team with clear vision.
What kind of knowledge are necessary?

To just build stuff in VR... we're just about to the point we're you don't have to know any coding at all. Of course this is a very narrow workflow, but with a community the no-code builder will keep expanding it's functionality. :)

Cool, and what kind of tools need to have?
software, VR goggles ??

To make your own assets... a tool like blender or sketchup. But we have a remixable web based WYSIWYG editor here and an instructional video here.

The video is a little old so some things are slightly different. Join us in our discord and we'll try and help you out.

It will be cool if/when I can use my oculus quest to visit and sign in/transact!

I tested it last night using the Firefox Reality browser on my Quest 1, I'd recommend navigating to dlux.io/apps to access it. Teleport controls work, and the scene runs pretty smoothly! We'd love to see the Hive Keychain extension come to that browser, but are also considering Hive Signer as another alternative.

I'll have to give it a try, I also have Quest 1. +1 for keychain, -1 for HiveSigner... Idk why but I never have a good experience with that, it's quite frustrating to use.

Good to know, I'm not sure if we should fork keychain, I wouldn't really know where to begin. But Firefox Reality is built off of Firefox for Android, which they are starting to open up to extensions, so hopefully it's only a matter of time.

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