Some (mixed success) 360 Photos of the Quinta - on Dlux

in #dluxlast month (edited)

I took a few 360 pictures of the Qunita the other day, using Google Street View, and uploaded them the Dlux.

Unfortunately many of them haven't translated to Dlux very well! The first one of the well which I uploaded to Google Maps looks fine, but it looks a bit crap on Dlux.

However a lot of the rest I uploaded to Google Maps are just black but they sort of work on Dlux.

I think i might try limiting myself to one photo at a time from now on!

You can view on DLUX here...

I've included the flattened 360 photos below, they don't really work flattened though!

Down by the well/ kitchen


Tent and surrounds

tent 3.jpeg

Upper left corner (where we've done a lot of pine clearing)

upper left corner.jpeg

By the house


Lower Right Corner (the 'wetlands')

lower right corner.jpeg

From the middle of the middle terrace!


View in VR @


The air in there is very fresh for sure