He would have to constantly adjust his name, like:

"I'm going to a 0.00004572 concert"
"Really? I didn't no you liked 0.00005121"
"You kidding? I've been listening to 0.00004322's music since 2003"

Just imagine all these memes

That's me! hahaha

this is too funny ahaha great post

that was good :D

Nice one :)

Wow... Beautiful boy...

everyday there is a meme like this with different number XD

Cryptolife sweet

Uploaded this one a few days ago and get guess what. Nope not either 50c...

just when you thought nothing could be any funnier, I came across this post. hahaha.

this got me laughing loudly.

Comedic gold right here! It needs to get spread! XD

wow ..cent is very important if no 1 cent no 1 million ..follow me @neljoe