Big Dog : German Shepherd

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        Love my German Shepherd!  I did not know how endearing big dogs are. I've always had small dogs but now I know how  people love their big dogs.  I guess it makes sense. There is more of them to love. When you hug them , it is like hugging a  person. You can put your whole arms around them and just squeeze lovingly. 

        My dog 's name is Kidda.  She is just so adorable. She just lights up the  house. She is the first person that greets me when I get home. You can see her run up to you as you  open the door with her tail wagging full speed. Brings a smile to your face and just puts you in a good mood.  Makes you happy to be home. 

         You dog lovers know what I mean. I'm sure you can relate with your  own "fluffy"  best friend.  Dogs really are a man's best friend.  They will never let you down. Can't do no wrong in their eyes. They are always happy to see you. 

          Ode to German Shepherds and big dogs. What would we do without them?  


The big dogs are great, it's like you have a bodyguard, but not only that, they are also affectionate, I have a dalmata and it is the love of my life. I congratulate you, you have a beautiful dog!

mine is small but it is also affectionate I think that all that affection depends on the way we create them

What do you think of my dog ?
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Cute and happy dog you have.

thank you so much .. I very much like German-type dogs

They are the best :) got one my self, makes me happy every day, and all the walks are pricless!

Thanks votes....

There is my little couch potato :)