That's @berniesanders account.

Amazing! lol I wonder what I did to offend him so badly.

He is well known STEEM blockchain abuser and was involved in most of the wars that were going on or are still active.

My wild guess is that he has some issues with trading or that field. Maybe some bad experience with so called trading experts.

That shows just how fucking ignorant you are. Fuck off troll.

Enjoy your dead account.

I doubt you will here from them, not publically. Resteem to raise awareness.

You’re a traitor.

You don’t deserve any rewards here.

Emotions getting the best of you, eh?


No. It’s called rewarding those who actually matter. You are not one of them. Time to move on, Heidi.

How does it feel being a bottleneck?
Lol decentralization at its finest. Have fun with your silly drama.

How does it feel being another random bimbo crying about less than I spent on my coffee this morning?

Power corrupts and you're a perfect example. You're the symptom of a platform that needs to change.

And you’re irrelevant.