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RE: Received a downvote on your content?

in #downvotes7 months ago

Hello, how are you?
I think many of us here are puzzled by the fact that this account is giving negative votes in an "absurd" way, to say the least.
I've been reading through the comments and haven't found any satisfactory explanation. I think, if you simply don't like a specific post because it doesn't meet your quality standards, then you shouldn't downvote it.
I received a negative vote when I am not doing any kind of plagiarism, nor any kind of offense. I am a musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter and my content is original. I make music publications inspired by human or philosophical themes, I see nothing wrong with what I do. Really, if you don't like my content, just ignore me, but I don't think it's very benevolent to give negative votes to users from now on.


I totally agree, same problem. I didn't anything wrong for get a downvote

The worst thing is that they do not even deign to give an explanation. They simply do not care. I know that hive is something financial, but those who give life and meaning to this are the content creators and artists. 😎🤘💥


I hope you choose to come to Blurt, where we don't have such problem. Plus the price is in a clear up trend, where Hive is in a clear down trend.


Dude I got nothing else to say to u.
Have a good day. Cheers 🍻

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