Received a downvote on your content?

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Nothing personal.

This account is simply trailing (Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)(Link not shown due to low ratings or blacklist)


OH dear.. just what we need another narcissistic twerp with more HIVE than brains who has to lash out at innocents so you can have a pissing match with one.

Like we've never seen that in the history of Steem and Hive.

Do something innovative for you ... grow up


Time to walk on eggshells my old friend.

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I don't walk on eggshells. They hurt my feet. I say what I want to. #NoFilter #GrownAssMan

That is excellent to hear. Looking forward to you speaking up if the problem persists.

I know....duh

My sarcasm, is for those who know me.

Nothing personal?

I don't understand how you improve your position in the chain with this attitude.

The only possible reasoning would be that he is leaving the chain and is leaving a farewell "gift"...

The only other reason would be to make himself known...

If the latter, I would like to say "nice to meet you", but that would be hypocritical of me.

And I conduct our image on the network as a serious and trustworthy person.

So much so, that I have earned my place among the curators by publishing original content.

If you are not interested (as I suppose you are) and it is really nothing personal, show it by raising the negative vote.

Otherwise, you will look like someone who has money to spare just to shit on others.

From our consideration.

If it is not personal, a few seconds should sufice to check "questionable" posts and determine if they deserve to be downvoted or not.

Downvotes can work as a powerful censorship tool. It discourages people, especially those working hard to earn the confidence of curators, only to find themselves in the middle of a senseless war which, like all wars only harm.

If we truly want to make Hive something better than mainstream social media, powerful tools like the downvote must be used fairly and wisely. Otherwise, what would be the difference between an angry or vindictive whale and a dictator?

The down vote button is awesome.....just keep it here on Hive that is all.

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Must be sad no one gives a damn about your silly initiative.

Pack up and power down. All you have ever done in this space is take something someone is doing and make it 10x worse.

If you can’t be assed to find things to vote on, then disappear. You are the only mofo in the world who complains about not getting his ROI from CLICKING BUTTONS.

Pack up and power down

Exactly! Come to Blurt, where your investment is welcome and you are free to do whatever you want with YOUR investment.

@newsflash Did you just break Hive? I hope not. @themarkymark makes an effort to selectively support the best new and older content creators on Hive.

By your actions, you have shown some of the best writers on here that this is not a place that can be trusted. However, we are a resilient bunch, addicted to our passion of creating content.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Please reconsider your actions. It takes a much bigger person to admit that they messed up than it does to annihilate. Kindness is always the stronger choice. It is nearly always less satisfying and more difficult to be kind, which is how you know it is harder. Only real f#cking badasses are kind in my opinion.

It is a crazy act of rebellion to be kind. It is usually punished, and almost no one chooses it. That is what makes it so badass, and almost no one realizes that, oddly.
I hope you consider carefully. We, the little people, are counting on you to think of all of Hive, not just one person who makes you angry.

Mark downvotes more accounts for no reason then anyone else. Why not criticize him also?

There is always a reason. Yours was near 100% self voting.

Downvoting for no reason or in a retaliatory way against a third party is a madness that will ultimately ruin Hive regardless of who is doing it. Honestly, it is not so important except when the downvote is so big as to cancel out a large portion of the author's rewards.

I wonder whether anything can be done about it. Just because it was written into Steem one way upon inception, can we not innovate a better way? We are no longer Steem and we are NOT "crabs in a bucket" as the Steem whitepaper insultingly posited.

I agree 100%. It is madness

I totally sympathize with your concern. I was a happy go lucky travel/photography blogger here for almost 5 years. Then marky and his network of higher ups, decided veterans like me and many many others including alt media bloggers... need to be targeted and basically harassed off the platform.

Look what they did to @cryptopie or @crypto.piotr just one of many many others.

If harassing @cryptopie off this blockchain is not pure evil, than I do not know what it. To support Hive is to support very wealthy people who behave in this way.

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Oh yes? nothing personal. Meanwhile, you personally hit me. Thanks! Great job, you too follow this crazy idea and so you only damage small accounts in the end, but you don't want to understand.

He literally hates all small accounts.

I think you are right, because they talk about redistribution of votes because there are only a few who earn so much. It seems to me that instead they are only harming the little ones.

Who the hell are you to just downvote for no reason? Do you enjoy it? Now you get my little symbolic downvote in return. But at least not without reason.
You must have been offended by something and now you're taking random revenge. With this behavior you are not only harming the community, but most of all yourself!

Why don't you give explanations for your negative votes? My content for example is original and of quality. Always free of plagiarism. I don't understand why this downvote on my previous post. Please explain me.

He doesn't believe anyone makes "quality" content on this chain.

Is there a LEGIT reason you are opposed to someone receiving a vote from Marky?

I don't understand what's happening here, nor why I got a downvote. I despise politics and anything that comes from them, because of situations like this.

Here's what I do understand: despite working for 10 hours a day at my day to day job and coming home exhausted, I write and post the best content I can with the available time that I have, and yet I became some sort of a collateral damage in a conflict that isn't mine, isn't of interest to me nor to many people on that platform, damage that takes away any money I make after posting on the platform for years.

How is this helping anyone? How is this proving any point? How is this making you or your cause something anyone should support?

Nothing personal: you just seem like a guy with money that does something bad to other people who did nothing bad because you're mad and frustrated and offended and since you cannot really be punished properly in any way, shape or form, you just inflict damage, especially on people who cannot fight back.

Maybe it is for reasons such as this one that some people prefer not to use platforms like Hive. One frustrated and immature individual is all it takes to ruin the motivation of any person who works hard to earn a bit of extra money on the side, money that, surprise surprise, is often very needed.

As a side note: regardless of the reason for this situation, I have a lot of gratitude for both @buildawhale and @themarkymark , regardless of why this guy is against you and regardless of the hate.

It is for your upvotes, and for the upvotes of the rest of the people who read my content, that I keep on posting, working towards more financial stability. It was for people like you and others that a few years ago I could afford food in a few rough moments in my life.

So regardless of what's happening here and of any stupid conflict, you, and the rest of the people who give a shit, have my gratitude.

As a side note: regardless of the reason for this situation, I have a lot of gratitude for both @xbuildawhale and @xthemarkymark , regardless of why this guy is against you and regardless of the hate.

These are not my accounts, these are his accounts. He created similar accounts to everyone with a lot of Hive Power with an X in front of their name. These counter the votes of the actual whale, but they are just marker votes and don't really remove payouts. They are there so people can follow big votes with downvotes if they want. Recently though he decided to follow all my upvotes with downvotes.

Thank you for the correction, it's late and I'm very tired, so I didn't notice the x in front of the names. I made the change in the comment to properly refer to you and to @buildawhale.

Maybe don't do that, and manually curate instead?

Why would he do that?

He'd rather vote on spam links because he thinks "quality content" doesn't exist on this chain.

He hates curating because it makes him click too much. Nobody knows why he bothers to be here when he hates everything about it.

You are actively convincing people that Web2 is > Web3. Congrats!

There are so many talented authors to support. A whale like you could really make a lot of users happy. alternatively you can always delegate to some accounts like @ocdb, @appreciator, @rocky1 and get HIVE ☀️

Why would he do that? He holds contempt against all "content creators" on the chain.

Fundamentally he is a financial investor, increasing the quality of the community will increase the value of his investment

Yeah, “investor” that continually tries to put square pegs through circular holes and wonder why the “quality” isn’t good enough.

Thank you for your witness vote!
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it's funny to think that you're giving downvotes to a lot of people just because.

But yeah, nothing personal.

Just like mark has done for years. He has downvoted hundreds for no reason on a regular basis. Why aren’t we criticizing him for doing it for years? Just cause he upvotes u? I don’t support these accounts getting downvoted. But if we are gonna criticize One we gotta criticize Mark for doing same.

Nah he doesn't upvote my posts. Most of Marky's dv's have a motive behind them (most are supposed to be towards plagiarists, scammers, etc) afaik. What newsflash is doing is way different imo.

I respect ur point of view. But as someone who was targeted and downvoted on original posts I also have a fair point. But clearly Mark has also done much good work here. But it’s hard to respect the guy when he refused to even tell me what his motivation was. Instead the people following his trail spammed my posts and told me my music sucked. Again it stopped last summer so I’m not looking to get involved. But the hypocrisy is something I can’t ignore and I have to point out the hypocrisy. Not saying u. But those who are familiar.

I also respect yours mate! I feel that downvotes are necessary to maintain a healthy community, but there are people who definitely don't deserve to be downvoted.

You were targetted for near 100% self voting. Don't bullshit people.

They never stopped harassing me, even after two months of post some of my very best work. So I obviously took matters into my own hands. Before I thought I was the unlucky one like how you experience, but leaving hive with a falling price and going to blurt now sitting on huge gains with an awesome growing and supportive community. It's been one of the greatest blessings in disguise of my entire life. If you want to join us over there. I'll give support you and give you a big boost out to the community there, and after viewing your blog....I'm sure you will make more money there too. :)


why did you sent me a downvote?
I just shared the process of how I draw
I don't understand

If you want to make use of your Hive Power in a better way, I would recommend delegating it to @indiaunited community and enjoy 100% curation reward share. That way you would be supporting manual curation efforts and also be enjoying the daily rewards.

Please don't waste your power on innocent people.

Hello, how are you?
I think many of us here are puzzled by the fact that this account is giving negative votes in an "absurd" way, to say the least.
I've been reading through the comments and haven't found any satisfactory explanation. I think, if you simply don't like a specific post because it doesn't meet your quality standards, then you shouldn't downvote it.
I received a negative vote when I am not doing any kind of plagiarism, nor any kind of offense. I am a musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter and my content is original. I make music publications inspired by human or philosophical themes, I see nothing wrong with what I do. Really, if you don't like my content, just ignore me, but I don't think it's very benevolent to give negative votes to users from now on.

I totally agree, same problem. I didn't anything wrong for get a downvote

The worst thing is that they do not even deign to give an explanation. They simply do not care. I know that hive is something financial, but those who give life and meaning to this are the content creators and artists. 😎🤘💥

I hope you choose to come to Blurt, where we don't have such problem. Plus the price is in a clear up trend, where Hive is in a clear down trend.

Dude I got nothing else to say to u.
Have a good day. Cheers 🍻

You just described the next big social blockchain. No downvote BS, and thriving and growing community. Price up over 100% in the past few weeks, looking to for new all time highs soon.

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hello nice to meet you can I ask you a question? why when tipu curates my posts shortly after i get a downvote from xtipu? thank you very much and I wish you much happiness!


Because he thinks your work is worthless and you earn too much. He hopes people will follow @xtipu to zero out your rewards.

but this is nastiness ... if I don't like a post I just don't vote for it ... I've never done a downvote

Some people are like that.

more so on Hive


Mark does this same thing. Why is nobody criticizing him also?

Come to blurt. There is no downvote bs there. Buy low and sell high. Have a look at the chart. big up and coming blockchain.

Oh well, caught in a whale war again. Doesn't matter, I'll keep writing and posting as it is a pretty nice part of my day. But I have to say, I do think that @themarkymark has been good for the chain...although, I do miss this old avatar!

I hate the mirror-bot match-up, but I am excited to see how Marky handles it.

Congratulations @newsflash! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s):

You received more than 134000 HP as payout for your posts, comments and curation.
Your next payout target is 136000 HP.
The unit is Hive Power equivalent because post and comment rewards can be split into HP and HBD

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

friend I would appreciate it if you help me with a good vote to help me financially since I need it, I am grateful I am Venezuelan who lives in Venezuela

Deja de mendigar por Dios!!!!

Que buena forma de pedir votos haha.

Why you did a downvote in my post? I did everything in rule, this is unfair! You should at least have an explanation for it and no make downvotes to all people cross in you way 😤

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Good afternoon @themarkymark! this is the first downvote I have received since I arrived here last year. When I saw who it was from I couldn't believe it because my wife is a big fan of your brother Donnie Wahlberg hahahaha. Well my wife sends you a hug because she laughed a lot at me. Or is my wife mistaken about who you are?

My wife tells me to tell you "Good Vibrations".🤣

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@xbuildawhale and @xthemarkymark @newsflash WTF?
I ALWAYS had original travel content, and when I started covering the topic of the war started by russia, I was immediately downvoted?
Did the censorship of the time of the steemit come?

These accounts have zero Hive Power, he made accounts for all the whales by putting an X in front and downvotes, these typically have no influence on payout as they are just "marker downvotes" so people can follow them, but now he is following my votes specifically with downvotes so it is a little different.

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I saw the posts you down voted. It doesn't even looked like a quality post that can earn 300+ likes, if it was posted by someone else, I can surely say that, it will end up unnoticed or with 2-3likes. Keep it up.

have you seen my content? Come and read it and then say it to my face.

I don't think the recent downvotes or what I said, have anything to do with you. I was saying about the recent downvotes.


I was talking about these downvotes from newsflash 1 link and 3 words with 345 likes and 4 links with 402 likes. If it was someone else posting like this, it will surely be unnoticed without any curation.

I have nothing much to say about this as it's a controversial topic to discuss in Hive. I saw many users speaking against newsflash without even taking a look at the matter. I personally don't think he/she did anything wrong.

@newsflash marky made money not buying single token, he only sold votes and took %
no content cvreation. no investment, pure leech

I've bought more coins than the 380K+ you sold. You just don't know where they are :)

When there is a war, innocent Civilians get hurt. 😌

You dont' have to follow a downvote curation trail, it's different. You can just follow his upvotes if you want.

Hi, the truth is that since a few days ago I was receiving dowvotes from the two accounts you mention, I didn't understand why since I only post original photos that are my property, however in my last post there have been neither positive votes nor dowvotes.... I guess it has to do with what you comment here.....
Sorry for the question but I'm still learning about Hive rules....

Nothing personal.

Actually, that's all it is.


I want to believe that this is nothing personal and that you are just trying to do justice according to your criteria. I haven't received any big downvotes from you and I hope I never do, but many others have suffered the consequences of your questionable way of acting.

I am not a bot or a fake account, I am verified on Hive and run a comment curation project. By the way, how nice your vote would look on our trail! If you're up for it, you can follow @elcomentador trail at

I hope you can exclude me from your downvotes and exchange it for votes for me and those who do things right in this hive. I know you will consider it.

I came here looking for answers to the constant downvote on my part to my publications, I do not plagiarize, much less abuse the reward pool. I try to understand the reason for those downvotes, however I find NOTHING, thanks for filling good content creators with fear, instead of directing all that voting power into something that is actually productive.

I don't expect everyone to like my content but I invite anyone who tells me that my work on Hive is not original, that it is plagiarism.

I am not a whale but I aspire to be one one day and every day I strive to make this platform a place where people find purpose in life.

So I do not accept negative votes just because some whale is kind enough to recognize my work with his vote.

Stop bullying

Let's tell people why, right?
Because you are voting on automated posts 10+ times a day, and they are getting downvote, so you are throwing a hissy fit.


Also your bullshit like this.

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Resistance campaign against malicious downvoter villains1f1d355e_d86c_44a0_a22e_da79df56b1ce.pngThey show off their hive power and take advantage by mercilessly trampling on the weak…

Have a nice day~

When Marky cannot downvote, many people will come to Hive and the Hive ecosystem will be liberalized and the price of Hive will rise.


Will there ever be a peaceful resolution?

Many of us are utilizing the crazy times we are in to onboard to Hive via social media campaigns and could do much better with the support or help somehow of all of you stuck in a downvote war.

If you would consider helping us onboard we are attempting to increase our account creation tokens by paying you back for HP delegation more than anyone.

Please check out @psyberx and consider a HP delegation.

This pays 3 ways, 100% daily paid back (API already set and paying), LVL airdrop 1 to 1 for each HP delegated & content upvoted (depending on quality of content will determine your % vote)

Had to edit your comment huh?

Test me again Pie, you won't like me even more after Arnold. Read between the lines. 40s kana, di kana bata para mag tago pa sa pa edit edit ng comment.

Hi @adamada. I'm so happy you decided to keep using this account. I just wish you sold hive when I did. Your 20,000+ hive power was worth over 40k at the time. Now it's worth less than 17k in just a few short months. What do you think it will be worth in 13 weeks?

Hey, and no hard feeling for the blatantly racist comments ;)

What do you think it will be worth in 13 weeks?


The value of Hive I have is equivalent to 0 because that's what I think of it's value in $. Just as when the blockchain was forked to Hive, I gave all my steem away without selling because that's how much it was worth to me, 0. Whether Hive goes down even further, it's still not as bad as it is now (still worth 0$ to me). You get my drift? I'm ready to give all my Hive away if I feel like it. No drama. No episodes of crying like a baby back bitch of a grown ass man online.

Hey, and no hard feeling for the blatantly racist comments ;)

Do you identify yourself as a different race, age and gender? If you don't want to be identified as an grown ass adult, white, and male, then I can respect those changes but never the part where you cried about negative emojis.

Let's tell people why, right?
Because you are voting on automated posts 10+ times a day, and they are getting downvote, so you are throwing a hissy fit.


Also your bullshit like this.

Haters gonna hate. Keep up the good work man.

@themarkymark sorry, but it's not exactly what you say, you heavily downvoted my friend @mad-runner, for no reason, because he is a user who only posts original content and always helps others.

Non esporti per me, caro amico, perché serve a poco o nulla, spero di aver una replica, un chiarimento, attendiamo...

Non è un problema, io comunque mi pongo in modo civile, però quando ho letto quella cosa, mi sembra che pigli pal cul, dai... Ora ho pubblicato un'altra cosa, sempre in modo civile, per fare capire che non è la via corretta questa, però una piccola voce rimango.

Me and my friends don't spam. It's all, this is only wrong. Here the only people that spam is newsflash and his friends.

Ur friend isn’t alone. I don’t support the downvote campaign against him. I don’t see that as ending with a positive result. But just saying from first hand experience getting every single post downvoted to zero for 5 weeks last year and not one reply to why I can confirm what u say is true. But I don’t support what’s going on here. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I am against random downvotes, that original content is being received. But I don't support no agenda post and simple memes that make $400, that's like spam.

I’m not familiar with the account that posted all the posts mark screen shot above. Ironically I’m an actual producer of the NoAgenda Show (the actual podcast hosted by Adam Curry & John C Dvorak)

Yea I agree with ya if it’s literally a account posting spam every post. But from experience I know he crushed to zero my long vlogs and original music. He’s done it to others. So I just don’t think this one legit example means anything in terms of countering the criticism.

Ah ok, now I understand. Then it's all ridiculous, if newsflash supports an account that isn't true of no agenda. So they do even more harm, because they support spam and downvotes those who create original content. I have no words, these whales are overturning all common sense.

They were not random, he was self voting nearly 100% but he won't admit it, but the history is on the blockchain.

@themarkymark , I've read your comments and what you reported from the blockchain. I super agree with what you say about the abuse of the vote that received no agenda. But by random, I was referring to negative votes, which my friends took from you, that they have nothing to do with this. Thanks.

Won’t admit it? This is the first time you ever replied. 10 months later? I sent you DM’s on discord ignored. Comments here ignored. Now almost a year later you speak like you said something to me? Not a single reply. I wish you no ill will. But this 10 months later is absurd. No you never once replied to me even after daily attempts by me. Literally. I was told a dozen different things back then by people claiming to rep u who followed ur trail. I honestly had no clue as to the reason so don’t say I did! That’s a lie regardless if true reason if not communicated how was I to magically know who’s telling truth. How the hell should I know if u don’t tell me? I didn’t wish you any ill will above. I went outta my way to say what’s happening to u is wrong.
No point is bringing up old frustrations.
Be well and Ive moved on. Just don’t think it’s right to tell people you made resson clear when I know u didn’t. Maybe you really do think a majority of people said something to me but that is a lie. I was told 12 different things many saying u just didn’t like my HBD criticism. I had no idea why. If u had left a one sentence reply to any of my messages back then the situation would of been resolved. I had no idea what to believe. I’m not a spam bot. I put myself on video here and audio often. I deserved a simple reply like ur comment above. U really should let people know. Like who are obviously real accounts. A simple hey dude ur doing this please stop or we will do whatever. But nothing.
Take care Mark

I agree with you, sooner or later everything comes back. But it is sad to see these things, after years of trying to grow and help others.

I am very sorry that you have to leave Hive like this, due to people who have no respect for the work and efforts of others. Where is the decentralization? If few decide the fate of others. I hope that things change, because it is not right that good authors should leave. I hope you come back someday.

I think a downvote without explanation is better than someone trying to educate you about their "personal preferences".

I mean simply a disagreement and it should be ok or not?

The person in question here always has odd preferences.

He just pretends it's not personal.

no idea about that case. Was only general spoken

Yeah, he's not like @smooth, who actually tries to normalize downvotes. Transisto is all about personal vendettas.

When it’s over a post yes. But many are doemcited to zero with the

I jsut don't understand how, in any way, downvoting content creators is helping the chain?

If all downvoters eventually drive every content creator (or the majority) away, how does this improve the long term viability of HIVE?

then check how top creator for year (myself) got killed by marky stolen coins

Yeah, cause you do shady shit in the background.

@kingscrown what does that have to do with a DOWNVOTE on me?
Again, downvoting legit Content creators, and Legit authors, only makes the Plantform weaker... and eventually drives creators to OTHER chains. THIS is bad for Hive.

So,. tell me, how is downvoting me, because someone else voting on me, good for hive, instead of actually hurting Hive?

thats fauly of the markyfart guy, ask him

@kingscrown My question has nothing to do with Marky. Again, how does DOWNVOTING ME, help HIVE?
What does Marky have to do with someone downvoting me?

Hive content creators will leave and the chain will lose money for all ,if people downvote content creators based on anything but the content posted?