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RE: Good News for SBI Vote Buyers (Sponsors)

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Is this a typo @mmmmkkkk311 / @mariuszkarowski, i.e. did you intend to say downvote?

"all automate upvote ..."

And is your "new and improved" campaign going to:

  • Be a one-time 5% downvote or from now to ... ?
  • Figure out all of the past STEEM sent to SBI and downvote accordingly? Or just from this point forward?

My father explained your comment and all the story, but the answer is mine.
He did it to me again.
Thanks for defending people from bullying.
I can loose everything but I'm not afraid.
Is people with a lot of Steem afraid?
And at the same time I had more flags from

Very nice to get my first reply on the Steem blockchain from a 6 year old @steemean! 😊 Does your father have an account?

I am glad to hear you are not afraid. We should not have fear of tyrants. It just gives them more power over us. This tyrant claims to have concerns about SBI, but they are completely self-serving. He does not care about anyone else.

As for this ...

"Is people with a lot of Steem afraid?"

Whether people have a lot of STEEM or a little, they are still just people. And we come in all shapes and sizes. Some good. Some evil. It is a part of life. Perhaps there will be a growing number of Steemians who will "close ranks" against this tyrant, to help bring his destructive rampages to an end. Time will tell ...

Here's to a Merry Christmas for you and your family. And all the best to you, for a (much) better tomorrow! 👍

Thanks a lot @roleerob.
My father explained and told me the story about leaving in Portugal under fascism until 1974.
I learned the meaning of the word "fascism" today . :(

Sounds like you have a great father @steemean. Very important that fathers teach their children well about what is right and what is wrong. What is good and what is evil.

Thank you for writing to me. Don't let the actions of this petty little Polish man cause you too much concern. I hope you have a great time on your "journey" here on the Steem blockchain. I'm sure your Dad will find many opportunities to teach you some more important lessons along the way. As you are engaging with other people all over the world!

FYI, here is the account of a girl in Venezuela, with whom you might enjoy talking - @kathe-art.