Good News for SBI Vote Buyers (Sponsors)

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For every single STEEM transferred to sbi you will get 5% downvote only, so if you want to get 100% downvote, you have to send at least 20 STEEM.

all automate upvote of comments is disabled effective immediately

It's nice to know that and good to hear about upcoming changes

@josephsavage, please tell me who owns funds transferred to steembasicincome accounts?

  • you
  • sbi community

We have been very public about the fact that enrollment funds sent represent subscription fees, not ownership. As such, the funds belong 100% to 'Steem Basic Income', an entity fully owned by @josephsavage.

The terms of delivery and refund policy are well documented in the FAQ and supporting articles. Any ceasing of the program would allow all members to request refunds in accordance with the terms of the refund policy, and any failure to deliver refunds would be enforceable in court. In the event that any funds remain after meeting all refund requests, they would belong to @josephsavage.

Throughout all of this, @mmmmkkkk311, you have made people dig their heels in even deeper. You have not gained an ounce of my trust but you did help me trust @sbi more than I did. Thanks for that.

I shall continue to give people @sbi. I'm not backing down to your tyrantical crusade and it doesn't look like others are as well. You are indirectly strengthening @sbi and again, I must thank you.

You say you have people on your side but anyone can see by scrolling through your feed that it is an empty phrase said by someone who will never be able to fill that hole deep inside one's self.

You're simply a bully and we aren't going to just let you step on us. Have you not seen this in action for yourself?

My father explained your comment.
You are brave. Thanks

Times like this, one might have to ask, "What would Avatar Ang do?"

On a lighter note, I saw, after breifly scrolling through your feed, that you like to write. I have started a contest called "The 31 Sentence Contest." maybe you will work with your parents and come up with something sometime.

He and others just downvoted the very best thing I have ever written! I am upset enough to leave steem. I'll think about delegating to you, but I'm so small, I've been working my tail off for over a year and a half just trying to get my upvote over dust level! I am so mad. I do not need this, no I do not. Maybe it's time to just get out of here.

Is this a bot? Either way, is this project still up & running?

I can't delegate much at the moment, but I can follow your curation trail with a small vote from @TribeSteemUp if you're still working against this jackass and his down-voting. I can easily cancel out 100% of his down-votes, but don't want to have to take it on as another full-time steem job.

Przepraszam za komentarz w języku niemieckim.
Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany moim komentarzem, skorzystaj z usług tłumacza Deepl lub Google.

Ich denke Du hast recht.
Es ist ganz einfach zu verstehen, denn ich zahle 1 STEEM an SBI und SBI belohnt einen guten Inhalt aus dem Reward Pool.
Ich habe die Kosten (1 STEEM) SBI hat keine. Im Grunde trägt die Kosten die Community.
Aus dieser Sichtweise kann man es mit den Bid Bot's vergleichen und keinen Unterschied erkennen und ich empfinde es dann auch als Konsequent, dieses Verhalten zu bekämpfen.

Wenn du diese Meinung hast, dann verstehst du SBI nicht. Geh mal nachlesen was es wirklich ist.Mit SBI, die votes kommen für immer - lange nachdem der originelle Betrag zurückgegeben ist. Es is ein Basic Income das von der Gemeinschaft unterstütz wird. Ganz anders als ein bitbot.
Und dieser downvote mensch hier ist ein Bully und nichts anderes.

To: @joanstewart, @tryskele
CC: @tristancarax (post), @shadowspub (post), @fenngen (post), @gamer00 (post)
Note: There are almost certainly other posts, but these are ones of which I am aware.

In response to seeing your comments, as a symbolic step of “the resistance,” this post of @mmmmkkkk311 / @mariuszkarowski has been downvoted.



Not deluding myself that it will make much difference to one of the most obtuse Steemians I have encountered in my “journey” here on the Steem blockchain. But … Rather than simply acquiescing to his tyranny, it is something vs. nothing.

Hopefully this will provide you a little encouragement that you are not alone. And in time, for all of us, we can hope the strength of a good community “closing ranks” proves to be significantly greater than that of a tyrant.

P.S. While most Steemians have some idea about this, I want to make this crystal clear to those who might read this. Receiving a downvote from someone with a higher reputation than yours results in a reduction in your reputation, as well as your pending payout. In this case, resulting in a reduction in the reputation damage done from a tyrant like this, in whatever direction his future downvoting rampages take …

P.P.S. For additional encouragement, some others who have expressed, to one degree or another, aggravation with this tyrant: @whatsup (rep 74), @jongolson (rep 73), @melinda010100 (rep 72), @enginewitty (rep 70), @balte (rep 68) ...

@roleerob, very nice!

Based on the support I got from the community, based on what people have said about @josephsavage's character, based off of what I've seen in the threads, I see no reason to quit. Until evidence is brought forth that makes me have some questions, I'm here.

Thanks for the update.

Better to cut less critical elements for the overall good. I'm sorry that affects you more than most, since you were relying on comment upvotes.

I never, at least not that I know of, have gotten comment upvotes from sbi. I post to often for that. Or, if that was the way of the old system, I didn't notice because I rarely ever checked to see if I made something from a comment. Most of what I have made has come from the work I've put in through my posts.

Thank you for investing some time into a reply @tristancarax. Agreed about Joseph. Unfortunately, he is bowing to pressure. Not faulting him, as I am sure he is doing what he thinks is best for the SBI community. Particularly since there have yet to be enough of the larger stakeholders in Steem choosing to do anything about this. A fact which almost certainly will not escape MK's notice ...

Good job, like the idea of closing ranks. If the bullying continues we'll have to get more organized to deal with this until we bring it to an end.

Thank you for investing some time into a reply @fenngen. Agreed about closing ranks. Unfortunately, there have yet to be enough of the larger stakeholders in Steem choosing to do anything about this ...

after some discussion with @abitcoinsceptic ... she's not in agreement with him either. She disagreed with me calling him out as a bully but not his actions being wrong. There are many others who have just not been as public in their opposition to the behaviour.

Thank you for investing some time into a reply @shadowspub. Agreed there are "many others," but not banded together. As of yet ...

Yes, I am aware of @abitcoinskeptic's (a male) view, as we had a "lively" discussion on the topic, when he published his concerns about SBI. The big difference, in my view, was he handled them in a comparatively respectful and civil manner. Which, in turn, resulted in @josephsavage putting some ideas before the SBI community for consideration and a voice on adoption.

Not the case with MK ...

If I recall correctly, comment votes were discussed last month as part of the broader discussion. At that time I didn't see a strong case against them. Since then the case against them has strengthened and they're a minor concession that allows us to hold our ground where it really matters.

Perhaps @josephsavage ...

"If I recall correctly, comment votes were discussed last month as part of the broader discussion."

... but I specifically looked for an SBI post similar to this one a couple of months ago re: upvoting bonuses. In which you and I had a good exchange.

I didn't find one ...

Then I went into the Discord channel to specifically ask whether this decision had been put before the community or was an "Admin decision only." To which you replied, "admin decision" (in the #help channel ...).

Not the end of the world, but I stated then and I'll say again now that it was disappointing to me. Both to hear there had been no discussion on a pending decision like that and, to a lesser degree, that comment upvoting was now gone without notice.

I have taken pains, however, to stress in my comments to others that I don't fault you for making a decision like this under growing pressure from the likes of MK. In my limited time on Steem and in Discord, I had seen pretty straightforward stands against this pressure only days before. Just sad to see given what it represents to me ...

I am sure you are doing the best you can, under the circumstances. We'll see what the future brings ...

Yes, sorry. It was an admin decision at this time. I thought that it had been part of the discussion around the upvote rewards too, and didn't need more discussion now, but I guess I was mistaken.

Thanks @roleerob, this has come to my attention over the past couple of months. Seeing people who are trying to assist others having to put up with this harassment, I really felt it is time people closed up the ranks and stood together.

His wealth and reputation mean nothing, if one is not fair in approach, not jealous of another's success, discuss the matter.

If money buys accounts, how many does he control? What if his new accounts with 25 reputation run around downvoting folk, (noted, this does not lose value), but throwing disarray into an already large evolving platform called Steem.

This does not bode well for blockchain, selling the idea when some are able to go around making people feel inadequate. To my knowledge SBI came out from the starting blocks stating it was an experiment, for the people, by the people on blockchain, if better ideas come into fruition let them build a side chain and present it.

Plain and simply put bully tactics do not work, should never work. Certain platforms I don't agree with I avoid them by not supporting, free choice?

Thank you for investing some time into a reply @joanstewart. And thank you for the courage to take a stand with your first downvote ever. "May your tribe increase" ...

Agreed about closing ranks, although you will note my caveat in my response to @fenngen above.

Hard to know what the future of the SBI community will be, as Joseph continues to make changes in response to the pressure. I would like to agree with you here ...

"Plain and simply put bully tactics do not work, should never work."

... but MK's campaign has already had a substantial negative / destructive impact, as there has, at least thus far (in my view), been an insufficient response from those with sufficient resources to get his attention.

Steem Society needs to try work in building blockchain technology in a positive fashion, negative impact will eventually wear everyone down.

Thanks for insight, not much anyone can do but grin and bear it for now.


I am sure there are other's, and I have sadly been added to the ranks I see...


Someone with the soul intent of spreading positive energy on the Blockchain, with what I felt was an awesome idea; a contest to share #bestseasonalthoughts...

I could go on, that I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, and the funds I was using to reward participants was my own. Even used #sbi-skip... but then I wouldn't want anyone to think I was going anywhere...

Much respect to you my friend...

Thank you @wesphilbin. While I did something vs. nothing, the response was pretty uhhh ... "muted." Unfortunately, far too typical of those with whom we engage here on the Steem blockchain ...

I have commented in more detail on your affected post. Have a great Sunday!

We're all doing what we can. For me, that's continuing to support my contests with SBI prizes. Keep on keeping on. I'm not sure what else can be done. We're upstanding, SBI is upstanding. There's not a lesson for us to learn here. Just... Perseverance.

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you are so dumb

Congratulations. We've just lost a sponsor to the Pay It Forward Contest - run by @pifc for almost 2 years now - because of your shenanigans.

I hope you're happy with driving good users off this platform. That is your goal after all, isn't it...?

In school I learned bullies do not want love. Just hurt others.
Boa, amigo por tentar. Não acredito que resulte.
Omeu pai explicou-me o comentário

O teu pai também tem conta no Steem?

Sim ele tem, mas ele e eu preferimos que eu seja independente.

PS: Boas, sou o pai do Jimbo e ele quer que não interfira hehe.
Obrigado pelo apoio e promoção dos seus posts . :)
Ele fica feliz . hehe
Ehoje aprendeu a palavra independente ( ele queria responder " sem ajuda do pai".
Força amigo

Discussion corrects wrong doing or implementing wrong tools. Downvoting on the run without leaving a comment as to why, will chase new arrivals away, here is my reason for my first downvote ever, it is 50:50 since who know who is right or wrong.

Each to their own, blockchain is still evolving, personally never did the bid-bot thing, am not rich to fight this onslaught!

Building in different ways each understands will have up's and down's, solutions are found through discussion or debate.


Hello, I am one of the Casters in the HoboDAO, a decentralized curation community.

Today I noticed that our recent contest report post was downvoted by you, enough to be the highest name on the voting list. Please stop downvoting the account.

I understand that you believe our use of SBI in our reward system is a negative action and that you believe it hurts your investment. I would very much like to take the time to chat with you and explain how (especially during this severely bearish market) the SBI program actually is helping keep Steem healthy.

If you wish to have that conversation I will be glad to have it.

Please keep this in mind, you are hurting our community operations by downvoting us, and doing even more harm by hindering the winners of our quality content contest system. We are partnered with various SCOT communities and if our operations are going to continue being threatened by you, we will stop utilizing STEEM in our reward system all together.

If we cannot come to an agreement on peaceful action, ...then our community will power down, stop renting SP and sell our STEEM for SCOT tokens and keep only enough SP to satisfy RC needs. So, please consider if your initiative is worth driving more people away from using STEEM.

There are less than 12000 people that are minnow and above on Steem, of them, many of these accounts are alt accounts, meaning that the actual active and invested members of Steem could be as little as 8,000 real individuals. Are you sure that the very best thing for your investment is to drive people to power down?

I hope that you won't back out of steem but find a solution to counter mmkk's obsessive, inconsiderate, unconscious, arrogant DVing. Might I suggest the tactic held within this post. We're stronger together.

I think that you brought up many good points that he has completely failed to look at during his crusade. I seriously doubt this type of person will listen to you as reason is not a tool of the irrational.

Anyway, whatever you choose, best of luck to your project.

Thank you for your response.

The HoboDAO will be switching its reward system to a SCOT-only program. We are partnered with Natural Products, Lotus, Foodie, Build-It and Intrepreneur. The Steem reward system is a war zone, which is frankly terrible for productivity.

If the DBlog team would like to integrate their token into our contest system we would be happy to coordinate with them. They aim to be a UBI program and it seems that the best way to do UBI is with a SCOT or SMT and not with STEEM due to the contentiousness among Steemians.

Again, your interest is very appreciated. :)

The Steem reward system is a war zone, which is frankly terrible for productivity.

I agree. Very unfortunate.

I might be interested in rewarding people with the SCOT. I'm new running a contest and I've not sought out this type of thing but since you bring it up here, I might as well see if I'm interested.

Is this a typo @mmmmkkkk311 / @mariuszkarowski, i.e. did you intend to say downvote?

"all automate upvote ..."

And is your "new and improved" campaign going to:

  • Be a one-time 5% downvote or from now to ... ?
  • Figure out all of the past STEEM sent to SBI and downvote accordingly? Or just from this point forward?

My father explained your comment and all the story, but the answer is mine.
He did it to me again.
Thanks for defending people from bullying.
I can loose everything but I'm not afraid.
Is people with a lot of Steem afraid?
And at the same time I had more flags from

Very nice to get my first reply on the Steem blockchain from a 6 year old @steemean! 😊 Does your father have an account?

I am glad to hear you are not afraid. We should not have fear of tyrants. It just gives them more power over us. This tyrant claims to have concerns about SBI, but they are completely self-serving. He does not care about anyone else.

As for this ...

"Is people with a lot of Steem afraid?"

Whether people have a lot of STEEM or a little, they are still just people. And we come in all shapes and sizes. Some good. Some evil. It is a part of life. Perhaps there will be a growing number of Steemians who will "close ranks" against this tyrant, to help bring his destructive rampages to an end. Time will tell ...

Here's to a Merry Christmas for you and your family. And all the best to you, for a (much) better tomorrow! 👍

Thanks a lot @roleerob.
My father explained and told me the story about leaving in Portugal under fascism until 1974.
I learned the meaning of the word "fascism" today . :(

Sounds like you have a great father @steemean. Very important that fathers teach their children well about what is right and what is wrong. What is good and what is evil.

Thank you for writing to me. Don't let the actions of this petty little Polish man cause you too much concern. I hope you have a great time on your "journey" here on the Steem blockchain. I'm sure your Dad will find many opportunities to teach you some more important lessons along the way. As you are engaging with other people all over the world!

FYI, here is the account of a girl in Venezuela, with whom you might enjoy talking - @kathe-art.

For every downvote I receive, I will give out SBI sponsorships, depending on the value of the downvote. Good thing you are helping to sponsor new people to SBI.

Bwahaha!!! The silliness continues. What is it with this guy?

Good on you, @gamer00. I'll be taking hits too. I love working as a team!

You are brave.
I'll keep on too.
Î'm six years old and not afraid.
I 'll keep giving SBI till my contest finishes.

Thank you.

You might want to add my boys @toukkamato (9 yrs) and @daabi2006 (13 yrs) to your follow list. They haven't been very active lately, but I am hoping they will eventually pick up pace. After all they keep talking about posting to steem day in day out.

All the best for you and your Steemblog! :)

Following your kids now. Now I know there is more kids here
Waiting for them to come back. :)

This is definitely good news (if it is what I understand to be a single one time downvote for each enrolment) , SBI is a great way for much smaller accounts to help each other out and puts Steem aside for a long time (and off the selling market), encouraging longer term thinking for participating accounts. Short term speculation and profiteering is what drives down prices and the quality of the chain.

SBI has been one of the oldest and most forward looking projects supporting the smaller end of town, long before #newsteem made it fashionable.

A small downvote is something I am willing to absorb too help smaller accounts and worthwhile projects like @pifc.

So why don't you list all of your accounts so we know who you are rather than hiding behind this half-baked account. I can't imagine that one that is so truly honorable would have an issue with that.

Screen shot taken on one of my posts


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Why arent you downvoting steem-ua posts?

I'm six years old and you keep attacking me because I give 1 SBI unit in my contest:
I'm making more contests giving SBI so keep attacking me.
My father is helping to write this to show I do not fear you.

Oh @mmmmkkkk311 ... youre such a little baby 😭😂 lmao

Downvoting my shit make ya feel better about yourself ya wittle baby...? 😂😭😉

If it's so wrong it's kinda pot calling the kettle black you doing it too. Luckily me being the generous person I am I sponsored you and all your boys in @steembasicincome ! So enjoy! You are now a vote buyer and you and all your bots are participating in it 😉 @mmmmkkkk311 I've got screenshots of the transfers to prove it. Enjoy you damn vote buyer!!! Lmao


I am not active and just recently been made aware of your downvoting!

I used #sbi-skip in my latest post and did not get any upvotes from @sbi but you still downvoted my post!

What's the deal?

All I have been doing here has been to help people make something, albeit a small amount, for those in countries that this small earning means a lot to them - it, your downvote, does not matter to me - tax me or not.

There is no going back even if I or the members of the #ccc community wanted to as we have been on the @steembasicincome program for quite a while.

Many members of @steembasicincome are in countries in Asia or Venezuela where this downvoting from you and your group/trail has made a significant impact on their livelihood!

So, if using #sbi-skip does not stop this tax, what does?

Please stop this senseless and destructive actions at least on the small and new members and please let them live!

I’m trying to do much part everyone, it’s takes both of these wastes of life @mmmmkkkk311 and @ctime to use a 100% downvote on me to take down my upvoted posts. I’ll just keep posting relentlessly whenever I can, I hope others continue to do the same!

Per usual, as every tyrant is bound to do, @mmmmkkkk311 / @mariuszkarowski has broken what he wrote above. With 6+ accounts DVing people using @SBI because of his stupid thought about what people should and should not do with their own money, that is way above the 5% mark.

So, once again, this dudes credibility is in question. He doesn't care about steemit and its success. He is here to destroy the platform, from what I can gather over his ramped abuse of his DV power. People like this shouldn't be allowed to have this power, as it is very destructive in the wrong hands.

He is severely hurting not only low-level steemians but those at the top as well because there are far more little fish here than there are big fish. If a bulk of the little fish get frightened away by this tyrant, that means the big fish's investment will get weaker. If large amounts of people don't accept steem as having value, then the price falls and people lose what they invested.

@pennsif, I tag you because looking through some post, it seems that you may be able to help out somehow. Many of us are constantly being harassed by this tyrant (take a look at his DV trail). Many of us aren't big enough to counter his abusive DVing.

So I want to give a good friend a little thank you, because he has accompanied me through a difficult time and then you little dirty bastard slam me such a downvote. I hope you will not have a happy day anymore.

Whatever is going on in that sick brain of yours you have to clear up with your psychiatrist, but leave us alone and just leave the platform. Nobody wants you here.

So I want to give a good friend a little thank you

next time send STEEM directly to his account
watch your language

Don't take any crap from you.
You can't tell people what to give to others and what not to give.
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Just because you bought a fat account, you can't tell other people who have worked hard to get everything they should do.
Like everyone says, you're just a bully.

Well, I just got a downvotw from this dude because I sponsored a SBI share to a Brazilian curation project... What a weird dude...

Then you wonder what is slowly killing steem and you see dudes like this trying to kill good projects.

Every time i get hope about steem I see weird shit like this.

It's depressing....

It is discouraging. But if all of us stick together, bullies like him have no place to go. He already changed his downvoting procedure since he couldn't keep up with all of us supporting SBI. Bullies should not be rewarded by bending to their will.

Me too.
I'm six years old and he don't stop bullying me.
I give 1 SBI every week in my contest in #gaugan
For 4 weeks he does it.