Drawing of Ragnar Lothbrok | Vikings

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Realistic drawing of the character Ragnar Lothbrok the Vikings series, played by Travis Fimmel. Drawing made in A4.

Materials: Prismacolor color pencils premiere.
Colored pencils Marco Renoir.
Posca white ballpoint pen.

Music: The release 1 - Peter Sandberg

TIME: 17:21

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Wow! The details are amazing! :)

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wow, just wow
this looks so amazingly beautiful i'm out of words <3 <3 <3
i love it all, it is so difficult to find people with an art talent like this :D
beautiful work my friend, it is so fantastic

It's amazing work ! There are even the pores of the skin, and the details of the bird are so accurate, it's incredible ! I bow humbly :)

details of the beard, not bird !!! :D

Ragnar is my Sprit Animal...

Simplemente perfecto amiga, le tecnica impecable