What a poignant post, Snook. The recognition and acceptance of life, being lived, through its ups and downs, time always passing... there were equal amounts of joy and sorrow contained within and between the lines. Very moving... and great song choices to punctuate the chapters in life 🤗💗🙏 !LUV !LADY

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Thank you so much Sam!! I wrote it for you so I am happy you liked it :D


Well... I was like okay... you lost me

until Pink Floyd. 😆 Yes we're totally in different hemispheres musically speaking! 🤣

I do miss the 70's though! Good times indeed. And you are correct.. all there is now.. enjoy it while you can.

Hehehehehe yeah, that was why I had to tell you about it LOLL

Now you know why its so weird I love your music too :D

Show you how great your music IS!!

I won't bother gushing about how good this is because. .. it's that good.
You give quite the definition of time using songs! Ha. I ask myself, would I experience the same thing... I would not lie. I do enjoy being alone but I fear being lonely. At this rate I'm going...hehe.

I won't bother gushing about how good this is because. .. it's that good.

Thank YOU!! I wrote it late last night, so I wasn't sure how it would read. :D so your comment means a LOT to me!

and just an FYI, you can be with someone and be lonely too. Much better to wait and find the right person!!





How well you assembled the sequence of life's happening with three songs. I am in an awe.

Thank You so so much


You appeared after a long break.
I hope you are doing well 💗

I am doing better, Thanks for asking!!

God bless you

A life lived! Beautiful.

You can not regret anything, or you wouldn't have your heart walking around as a blond-haired smiling kid everyone loves, just not quite as much as you did.

This bit was especially moving. I welled up a little. 💛

Kids do that to you.

Thank you so much for stopping to read and for your great comment on my post.

sorry my reply is so late!!

Never any need to apologise, Snook. Not to me.
I'm happy to know that you liked my comment and couldn't agree more:

Kids do that to you.

This was wonderfully told, as a life well spent ♥️ Much joy, few things going as planned, and lots of memories :)

I found your post via Dreemport 🙌

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Very few things go as planned...

You need goals but need to be flexible too.

Sorry I was so late replying!!

Thank You for stopping to read and always your great comments!

Better late than never :) ...

Plans are just an invitation for twists 🤣


Wow... What a first #ttt post... That one has everything for me... Deep feelings, expressed in not too many words (so that it was easy to read), three great songs that were like a soundtrack to the story you were weaving.

My kids are 4, 6 and 9 right now, but reading your post makes me want to cherish the moments that I have with them today, because as the cliché goes they are fleeting and they grow up quickly.

It's great to have you posting on Three Tune Tuesday @snook - I remember reading your posts back in the day when I did the Freewriting regularly and always enjoyed what you had to offer. This line in particular really resonated with me..

You just want to hear your child's voice echoing off the quiet walls again.


They take a long time to write. well, a lot of time on YouTube. LOLL but I am having fun with them and going down memory lane is always an interesting journey.

Time does go very fast with your kids. Never forget that.