2nd collections of my drinks photos... Mostly Coffee..

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I drink coffee & tea, which one I love most? I would say I'm neutral. Sometime I love coffee. Sometime I love tea. Just that caffeine in coffee is stronger compare to tea which cause me having a hard time to fall asleep, also I will have headache as well, and if I have coffee before any meal I lose my appetite for the whole day.

For tea, I have none of the above problem. I can drink all day all night tea and still can go to sleep. What about you?


Left is Cham (Tea mix with Coffee) & right is Hainan Coffee. Half of the glass are filled with ice.


Tea mix with milk and I like the idea that the tea come with separate sugar on the side. Letting me decide how much sugar I want in my tea or just drink without sugar. In Malaysia, almost everything they will add sugar. To me, sugar is soooo addictive like drug except sugar is legal. I have been doing my best to control my sugar intake for my health, don't want end up to have diabetic.


Mocha that have 72% of dark chocolate. Basically, they melted the chocolate bar add with coffee and milk.


Hot Latte anyone?


In my opinion, so far there is no cafe that I went can beat Starbucks Frappuccino yet. The ice crushed so nicely to make this drink.


Lastly, you can never go wrong ordering black coffee with ice in any cafe, coffee shop, or even a kopitiam. The best choice.

Do you have drinks photos collections to share with me? share at the comment below.

Wish you have a good Tuesday! Time did flies, it's 1 week plus before Christmas..


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No Banana = Bojio

Coffee nyum nyum. My favourite would be iced toffee latte. But I need to cut down sugary drink 😅

Haha yeah, same with me too. Slowly surely cutting down sugar intake