Collection of My Drinks Photos...

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Drinks have been part of my must take photo item recently. While scrolling my photos albums, there are many drinks photos I haven't posted yet therefore decided to make it as a collections of my drinks photos...

Me and my big glass for smoothie

I love smoothie for breakfast but.. my stomach not longer can take the cold in the morning. I still want to have smoothie in the morning but not as cold as before, the reason the smoothie is cold because of I frozen the banana and other fruits. Now cannot frozen the fruits then might need to visit the grocer more often.

*Blueberry Smoothie *


  • Banana
  • Blueberry
  • Milk
  • Oat
  • Apple cider vinegar (optional)

Season Coffee

This is a nice, smell good and affordable coffee. Would love to go to the cafe again.

Drinks is a big part of my life because have to consume liquid from time to time.

Roasted Green Tea

Due to coffee caffeine make me can't sleep at night, I limit my coffee intake and change to tea.

Earl Grey Tea

I love the aroma of Earl Grey Tea, found that it is a tea blend with flavoured with oil of bergamot! Aha, that why it smell so good!


Last but not least, a cup of 330 ml of warm milk if I'm not lazy to heat it up. 😜

Do you have any drinks that you enjoy? Share with me on the comment section.

Wish you have a fantastic Friday!


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You must be a great coffe maker, i like coffe too.

Haha unfortunately I'm not.. I'm the consumers 😆