ytcracker - cryptoilluminati

in #dsound5 years ago

beat by the illustrious atmos

told you to snap up a modest position
of currency minted from factoring digits
which of you listened?
(which of you listened?)
i had these visions of hackers imprisoned
for fighting the system all couched in a fiction
which of you listened?
(which of you listened?)
crypto illuminati from the floppy
no one can stop me this God is adopting a digital body
yea we made paper these wallets a copy -
private keys tucked on a netbook extracted in fashion
with matching bitgold
crypto lint hundredths of coins that are sitting in places untold
keys i control
propagate apps on the nodes

i got gas bitch
i got i got gas bitch

you go last bitch
you go you go last bitch

billions of dollars of drugs on the darknet
we bought above marketed rates
and mainlining coins in to gambling hustling
put your boy up with the greats

now im here
forged in the chain
with all of my gang
decentralized and elite

app is distributed upside unlimited find me a thing to disrupt
solidity contracts to define the process of going and breaking it up
ERC 20 for taking the money a token
i'm poking around an exchange
tooling 'round asia with king in a blazer
we fixing to teach all these youngins the game

leverage our name fuck all these charlatans mang
fuck all these charlatans talking bout bands
aint got no trezors or no ledger nans
aint got no trezors or no ledger nans
got a whitepaper no one understands
starting a scam for a couple of grands
all of these newbies compiling these forks
compiling prices and filing these shorts
blind leading blind asking “how i start mining?”
the china coin empire defining my grind and
transaction signing
while im fine dining
shapeshift these coins when the market declining
unicorn chilling with villains
larimer building the futures appealing
we killing the game from here to brisbane
dominate drops on these io domains

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Hey, @ytcracker . Would it be possible for you to provide some proof of who you are? Maybe on your YouTube page or some shit

I have been listening to you (ytcracker) since the days of #antisec #lulzsec. I have a decent following on Steem and would love to help get your name out to the whales around here but I first want to make sure someone hasn't just squatted on your username.

If you sitting below deck in the lulzboat salute bitch and show some respect.

Also, how did you hear about Steem and DTube?

actually, the homie lxuke squatted the name for me.

Yeah he revealed that to me :) was waiting for your input and twitter verification. Welcome to the Steemiverse

obviously know steem through the larimer / brock / baron matrix and dtube / dsound / d* by extension from lxuke

Oh my GAWD yussssss! DG4L

wow....its really great.....Lot of thanks for Sharing this informative and valuable of luck brother....


These lyrics are legend !!! @ty2nice

Loving the flow and the lyrics are on point... forged in the chain with all of my gang decentralized and elite... 🔥🔥🔥

very nice, I see your posts add to the science and I'll try it that way, maybe I'm still a beginner, if you have time to spare can be guided me and sharing our knowledge and we can share knowledge news about steemit.

Nerdcore! :)

Is this the real ytcracker? if so I am jamming to (subnet mask off) as I move packets around, keep up the good work. #GoEOS #GoPEOS