So I made a Dtube Forum Trailer

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So I made a Dtube Forum Trailer (just very late)

Ha so there was a competition to make a trailer advertising the upcoming Dtube forum event (tomorrow lol) unfortunately I was snowed under with stuff but I thought I'd do it anyway just for fun!


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Great work... Love the intro...

Thanks glad you enjoyed it, think I could have Adobe a much better job if I’d had more time. But for a 2 hour turn around not bad hey 😊

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Hey @alexabsolute, really cool trailer. Thank you so much for doing it "just for fun". I love the color grading of your edit. Great job. Greetings from Barcelona

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My pleasure, I just love editing so its was a fun little project to do this evening. Yeah the colour grading is the part that always takes me the longest, as it didn’t contain so many people and more outdoor shots I focused on the traps and oranges 😊 hope it all goes well.

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Awesome edit pal! Thx for creating this bro :D I hope you will check out the live stream on Friday or the vlogs from the weekend :)


Thanks man 😊 yeah I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the proceedings, I’m interested to see what transpires.

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