5 SBD Giveaway!!! Let's make DLive even Better!!

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DLive Contest! WIN 5 SBD! Details are all in the Video, here they are in text!
Unfortunately @Dlive will not let me upload at the moment.... Or for the past 24 hours :( So Let's hear ideas other than upload abilities! :P


  1. Follow, Upvote and Resteem THIS Post!

  2. Leave a comment with an original idea, about how DLive could improve! What features would you like to see?

  3. Upvote someone else's comment! You can upvote your own, but be sure to show some love to at LEAST one other commenters post!

The Comment with the Most votes after the 7 day period will be awarded 5 SBD!

I can't wait to see your awesome ideas guys! Let's let those creative juices flow!

<3 Candi

▶️ DTube

Lag from DLive and OBS!!
This is the hardest for me! Makes it hard for me to interact in chat cause my response is about 5 minutes behind the comment XD
I'm also still not able to see any of my videos on my dlive profile [cry!!] although I feel like thats a more individual bug since I notice everyone elses bios looks good =D

I would also love it if we could upvote on site somehow....rather than having to go back and upvote the post on steemit...

AND I would love if we could have the option to post our live broadcast post AFTER we get live. I have a few wasted steemit posts where I couldn't connect at all but the site still posted a steemit post for me...that went nowhere XD

I only uploaded one video a few weeks ago but it still hasn't appeared on my DLive profile, so you aren't the only one.

thats comforting to know .thanks!!1 <3

Had similar problem with my 1st live stream. Post was made but I kept getting "connection failed" on my OBS. The only thing that helped was making a new post and start from the scratch.

i usually have to hit stream on OBS about 13-20x before it works for me ever..and even so sometimes it dont XD

I actually made a post with few ideas. I could paste the link to it here but I cust crrl+v it ;)
To be honest I still need to make my 1st stream to see how it works and all but even now i can tell what's missing and what could help improving DLive.

  1. Being able to see your streaming window even when it's offline with chat (for some reason i can't find something like that here). It help streamer so set up his stream and...
  2. Popout chat. This is one of those things I use all the time. When I stream I like to have extra chat widow opened and use it on my stream:
    2nd screen.jpg
    and this is how it looks for those who are watching my stream:
    Yes there were over 1500 people watching my streams but due to YouTube's censorship, my 81k channel was removed even though I didn't break any so called "guidelines"...
  3. Some sort of slow mode, restricted mode (lke for fallowers only). It helps streamer to be up to date with the chat and it somewhat prevents SPAM
  4. Phone App - like DLive Dashboard
    An app that would let people watch the stream on their phone where streamer could see the chat and his stream. I use my phone as 2nd stream a lot to be up to date with people who are chatting. That app should also have....
  5. Notifications.
    Notifications on e-mail and on app. Streamer telling people what time and when there gonna be next stream, is not enough. Life happens also people have their own life and might not remember. Notification on their phone helps even when it's just e-mail notification cause I keep getting ma gmail notifications on my phone all the time
  6. "MOD icons"
    Yes I know you don't need a mod when everyone can just downvote. I mean an icon next to chatters names that would allow streamer to mute someone could help too. "You do't like my stream? MUTE now go and live your life somewhere else.
  7. Settings memory.
    Basically what I mean is that when you stream preview and you mute the sound. it would be nice if it stayed muted after F5 (refreshing)

Those 7 thing to me are more important then any upvote. I rather have 1000 people watching my stream and interact with them who have 0,002 vote power , then 2 people with 20 vote power.
There are more things I would like to see, but I hope those few random ideas could help.

I appreciate your ideas, especially idea about app.

My idea

This is really nice but It would have been better if we were able to see what the video is all about, not withstanding I went through what #Dlive is all about and it really a great project.
The way I think you can make this better is
• if everyone's comment is been showing to all.

• making it were everyone following the video have the chance of following the streamers, so as to be easier for them to get notified if there is any latest update and also promote the streamers.

• giving people chances so that they can contribute on what is going on Live( making it an interactive place).

Can't wait to see what my fellow steemians will also say about this, it's really a big and great project..... keep it up.


upvoted your idea feel free to check mine @shunguystin

I love this! Multiple ideas you overachiever you! Thank you for this very thoughtful contribution!😁

A whale needs to support D.Live. There is never a trending post from D.Live. Both you and Pepper make great original content but rarely get the attention you deserve. It never shows up on my feed. I can see why people switch to D.Tube as at least 10 SBD is given out to original and deserving posts by the supportive team behind D.Tube. I would agree with all of Pepper's point and she should win the Steem. I make the effort to visit her page - nothing showing up. Make Steemit Sexy Again. Too much boring, political bullshit going on at the moment. Those upvotes whales give themselves for every comment and post could be better spent on these girls' beautiful tits. Tits need tips. Use it or lose it whales.

I would love to see notifications of Favorited steemains/dlivers. They post or go live and an email gets sent or a phone app says "HEY CANDITITS JUST WENT LIVE!!"

Yez! I have been saying this since i first started using it! Get the word out! Love this one, thank you!


1.If you give mobile friendly Android App ,it increase dlive steemians.

2.I get disturbance in making videos pls resolve this.

3.pls give live strrming also it is very helpful for all steemians to interact more people.

4 .If you spend atleast 20% of income like utopino ,then we get more audience.

  1. You must support all of you

  2. Give open source

@lavanyalakshman I support your comment.👍
@canditits95 my friend here talked alot about your contest and how you are a life changer on steemit community.
Me as a newbie on this platform, I just hope you visit my blog @udezee to see my introductory post 😘👍.
Heart you so much 💚💚💚

Thankyou very much for supporting me

great ideas ! i appreciate your ideas !

Thankyou very much to support me

Definitely D-Tube can hit more users, when they have a user friendly smartphone app, Good thoughts and suggestions.. @lavanyalakshman

I think it would be cool if everyone's comments were displayed tge way they were typed. Lol.
Not a real submission, can't wait to see what others suggest!
(Btw, based on the time, no dlive tonight?)

This is a fantastic idea!!! I want to see this first! Or learn to read backwards....whichever comes first haha!😁

One thing I would like to see is @dlive and @dtube collaborate for uploaded content. Once it goes non-live it has appeal to both viewership bases.

I love video content resume , if Dlive can add it to their features, it will be awesome.

My Idea:

Allow people to Live Stream with other peep's. Meaning , like a groupchat/google live situation. Now I'm off to upvote someone else's comment here! lol good luck!

Ah this would be great, and make collaboration so much simpler! Thank you for your idea!😁

I agree! 😁

What is the problem you have with uploading videos on DLive?

For some reason It just would not let me post it! The video was the correct size/format, but after uploading and uploading thumb, and filling out the form, the submit button didn't do anything at all. But later after downloading my stream earlier I was able to upload it, so I dont know if ot was something I was doing or not.

To make a live stream kinda like a curation trail? So all the users following the video can follow the streamers steemit activity as it is happening live

That would be great! Because I often reference previous posts during streams, making them easily accessible while viewing would be very helpful! Thank you for yoir idea!😁

I like where this is going! we should cross promote each other sometime <3

They should integrate with coding on top of the Steemit Blockchain to be able to easily add the videos on the Steemit Posts at all times so you and others would not have issues like this post.
I Follow you already Upvoted and Resteemed
Here is a contest I have going on Please feel free to enter https://steemit.com/contest/@isteemithard/new-steemit-contest-best-steemit-post-this-week-week-1

I see what you mean, so that you wouldn't have to leave the steemit post page to view the video! Very clever idea, is this possible? Im not very technically literate lol😀 Thank you for your idea!

Were in the same boat I come up with great ideas for steemit sometimes but I am not that computer savvy. I also had a suggestions steemit adds a countdown timer to put on post.

I think it will be more interesting and comfy if we able to live in Dlive without have to connect to ODS and able to streaming through handphone.
Streaming is very valuable for me and steemit community in Indonesia.

Thank you for the contest @canditits95

It would be nice if you could recive notifications if someone u submited starts a stream.

Greetings from Germany.

Greetings friend! Yes this would be ideal, I would love for my followers to be notified when im on, and they would too! Thank you for your contribution!😁

My Idea About Dtube improvement

In the start i would like to say thanks to Dtube to make us entertain and share such knowledge.
Thumbnail should be large because large thumbnail attracts.
There would be an option of live streaming so we can go live.
Allow us to post 300 words content atleast to show explain what content we have included in video.
It is still awesome platform thanks.

Android users can't use OBS so why not you figure out any way for Android. Mirror streaming app is there which can help a lot to bring deliver live streaming to Android. Do check mirror streaming app. I tried but got error element sink or the source is not open to receive data everytime. Do check!

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I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

Okay I went througb and upvoted everyone just because jumbotron annoyed me. Let me know if they come back.

love it. i recently had the idea to start providing free GRC for the Gridcoin Hangouts/Classrooms for people that need to get their wallets started, and then @o0pepper0o shows me this... you're awesome.

as early adopters, it's nice to give away bits of coin here and there to get people going. :D

"you only get what you give away..."