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Zalty is a godform associated with DKMU. He is a pirate, very fond of rum and noodles, amongst other things. He often appears to the magician as a white ship. Zalty helps one to bypass obstacles and dangers and find a way forward.

This short film documents the ritual of evocation performed as part of a larger magickal operation, the DKMU godform cycle. The call is an adaptation from the DKMU Godforms book. A short piece from a magickal diary describing the experience of evocation follows. The film closes with the words of Zalty, as given during the evocation.

This film not only documents a spiritual experience, it also constitutes an evocation that will put the viewer in the presence of divinity/egregore/godform. It's a very direct way to experience Zalty and be introduced to him.

Art gives voice to the invisible. This video honours Zalty and empowers him. By watching it you pay a tribute to him and to the legacy of DKMU, the Assult on Reality.

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(It seems entirely appropriate, if not synchronistic, to publish this film on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.)

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Previous videos in DKMU Godforms series:

@steemcleaners @cheetah. This is dumb. The videos are clearly different and part of a series with a similar description, because the description describes the series, and not the individual installments. Get your act together.

Started working with him after "talk like a pirate day", even wrote him a calling of my own :)

"Hear me, oh pirate, oh godform of rum,
For I am your ally, your partner in crime.
Come, buccaneer, commandeer this ole ship,
And let's sail together to the island of treasures,
All loot that we'll find there is ours to keep,
We're gonna get rich beyond of all measures.
So come claim your bounty
Your half of the bread,
Come, oh dear Zalty,
With your lady in red...."

maybe worth a post for itself