❤️KarenSueStudios Adventures: Exploring San Francisco ❤️

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California is such a big state filled with so many cool places. Instead of traveling and flying across the world, sometimes I switch it up and explore near by cities in California. In today's video, I vloged my weekend in San Francisco.

snap (7).jpg

Join us on our fun little adventure in the city.

Are there any big cities you like to explore? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Just loved San Francisco. We hope to visit again some day.

I'm enjoying to watch your San Francisco adventure. It was most fun included with both guys. Really cool with awesome outdoor activities.

Quite a lovely and fun outing with those guys. Greg seems more reserved though from his shyness at the restaurant 😂.

Did the former money minting building have some of their machines left in the building? 😂, it would be nice to have some left there as a museum.

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