I see your really enjoying your New toy. Keep writing 😘

You know it baby! Lol Thank you for all of your support and encouragement 🖤💋

Congrats on your curie. That does look great though, it would be amazing if it had voice command then I can tell it to draw me pictures

Hahaha of course you would want voice command cause why not!! I'm loving it now maybe you can convince me to post more and I'll actually do it!!

Nice etch-a-sketch Pen... I wasn't aware Marge Simpson was so........ handy in the kitchen lmao!!

Thank you Pen... not only for the comment but also for always helping me when I need and always being there to encourage me.

Looks like a nice option since I find writing on a smart phone is not really conducive to writing short or long stories. My access to a desktop is limited to the time I am available versus my kids being on it most of the time.

I've written a few posts on my phone too and I hated it. And I imagine that without all the bells and whistles maybe this wouldn't be attractive to kids so you would have it all to yourself. I really love it and think you would too.

How do you think it would go for drawing/sketching? My daughter wants a tablet for her artwork, although she is also really keen to get something that can help her turn her artwork into animation, also.

I bought my iPad originally for the same reason you gave.... I could have a portable computer that was a bit bigger than my phone to do all sorts of stuff, read books (instead of having a separate Kindle), AND to scribble and write stuff.

As much as I love typing (I get into a trance when my fingers start dancing across the keyboard), I also can get into the same creative state with pen and paper.

I still having hundreds of pages of stuff I've written in journals over the years that I would love to bring onto my website or on Steem.... but it takes dedicated time typing everything out.

I haven't honestly found the iPad useful for that, but it may have also had something to do with the stylus I bought... it just wasn't that comfortable or easy to write with.

I'm definitely going to check this out... who knows, maybe I can find it for a steal like you did!!

I actually think it would be awesome for drawing and sketching... I did some doodling and downloaded the pdf ...


I'm by no means an artist but with the different tools and the pressure sensitive feature I can see this being perfect for drawing and sketching and shading. I'm sure there will be a little learning curve getting used to it but really that would be just learning the tools because other than that, it feels just like a pen or pencil on paper.

I've never used any other tablets so really have no base of comparison to the ipad but just from the reviews I've read I saw a lot about the lag with all the other tablets, that seemed to be a popular complaint about the difference between the two.

Now for the task of getting all of your older handwritten stuff, unless you want to write all that stuff again into this tablet, I think there are some apps that have handwriting recognition and can translate it. But I found that you have to have really really neat handwriting for any of them to work without a ton of mistakes that you have to edit.

Good luck finding that deal... I really hope you can get your hands on one. I believe you will love it like I do.

That's pretty damn cool! Think I want one😋grats on the Steemiversary sweetness, happy you're still here🤗🤗😘🤗🤗

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Yeah Engine I think you would love it. If you do get one... do let me know if you're as impressed as I am.

And thanks babe. It's hard to believe it has been that long already. I'm quite happy to be here. I'm not going anywhere, we still have a ton of chapters to go. 🖤🖤🖤

And I am looking forward to reading them all!!

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Congratulations on one year Steeming, and an awesome post to celebrate it. Really well done snagging the auction, it's not often you can manage that without someone throwing in last minute big bids.

What a clever device, and awesome review. I know exactly what you mean about distractions on the computer!

#thealliance #witness

Thank you @c0ff33a! I couldn't believe I won... someone always out bids me at the past minute, luck was definitely on my side. There were no bids at all which surprised me too.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that suffers from that. It's so hard to ignore my Sim's lol

Quite remarkable.
I think we are definitely going to say good bye to paper very soon. If only they make it affordable.

We are definitely on our way to being paperless. I believe that with time and a little competition the steep price tag will drop. Thanks for reading @hlezama

Hehe.... First of all let me wish you a belated birthday. Your write up on the other hand is marvelous. I really enjoyed reading your blog over and over again. You are great at reviews.
Wait to see more of you in your next post

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Aww I really appreciate that. This is my first review and was just so impressed with the tablet that I felt I had to share it. See you around @ferrate Thank you!

Yea.. You gave in your best. And you are welcome

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That is so cool. I have wanted something like that forever, although I couldn't justify the expense as I don't really need it. And happy Steembirthday!

Thank you @carlgnash!! Had I not had a very lucky day on Ebay I wouldn't have had the pleasure of sharing this with you so I totally understand. It really is cool.

I appreciate the steembirthday wishes... its hard to believe its been a year already. Time flies when you're having fun!

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Congratulations on your Curie, on being curated, and your new toy!! Weee cheers all around!

What a way to celebrate your steemit birthday love!! Have a steemy year ahead xxx monChi Chi!

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Ya know @kchitrah I never get used to that curie vote. When I saw all the notifications from Gina this morning I did my happy dance and was very giddy lol.

Thanks doll!! Cheers! 🖤🖤🖤

Congrats on the new toy/productivity tool! Congrats on the steem birthday!

Thank you hunnie!! I appreciate ya always!! 🖤🖤🖤

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Whoop whoop!! It's always such a humbling experience to be recognized by y'all... thank you so much for your support!!

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Thank you @curie!! It's always such a thrill to get the coveted curie vote!!

Congrats!!! I'm so glad you're here. Big hugs!

Hi Monchie, I just saw this post now and want to congratulate you on your anniversary on Steemit. 🎉 🥂 🌹
Tablet looks awesome. so happy you are enjoying it.