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RE: Splinterlands - Stir The Volcano Part 2 - EP11

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Good question and scary to think about.
My oldest son often says how he won't have kids if we are even still around.
But who knows could even be a shift in the polarity of the earth?
Or maybe A.I. will cure mans want for eternal life buy disposing of bodies and just keeping the brain alive in some form of matrix sleeping euphoria?
If dreams feel so real, would we even know?


It is kinda scary, and even more scary that America's president is still denying the fact that global warming is even happening, calling it a chinese hoax :D

I kinda get your son's opinion, it seems a bit irresponsible to breed new life into this broken world and system nowadays. But if nobody propagates anymore, it wouldn't matter anyways. Haha!

Oh yeah, I think Ive read in the past that the poles are already shifting quite "fast" in comparison to before (

Hell yeah, that sounds like a good episode for Black Mirror :D But I get where you're coming from, dreams can feel quite realistic. Maybe it is just some sort of living in an alternate/parallel universe that we visit each night. Just scary to think that nightmares might be realer than we think ;P

Regarding the pole shifting. There was recently a lift from the CIA of a book by Chan Thomas (Written some time in the earlier 1900s), where he analyzed the fall of past civilizations and linking it to a major cataclistic event. I'm not sure if this was also linked to a sudden pole-shift that would let loose hell on earth with fire followed by huge masses of water. Biblical to say the least :P

Also scary that they still didn't release 150 pages of the 200 page book :P

"Once more the earth has shifted its 6o-mile thick
shell, with the poles moving almost to the equator in a
fraction of a day. Again the atmosphere and oceans,
refusing to change direction with the earth’s shell, have
wiped out almost all life.

After this tumble we join Noah, Adam and Eve,
Atlantis, Mu, and Olympus - and Jesus joins Osiris,
Ta’aroa, Zeus, and Vishnu. "