Kismet! Spontaneous meeting with @teamsteem | Part 1.

in #dtubelast year (edited)

By a coincidence I got to Phnom Penh, simply enjoyable because I had the opportunity to meet @teamsteem spontaneously. We had seen each other last time in Kuala Lumpur, so our reunion was all the more enjoyable.

Somehow I reached stoned for the camera and a cheerful @teamsteem started talking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Steemit.

Steem On!

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We have been friends for years. It is hard to understand your downvote. Could you explain the reason why?

Hello @slowwalker,

with #newsteem there is a (maybe last ?) chance that the competition for the reward pool can work as the inventors intended it to.
This depends, however, on the use of downvotes returning to normal and becoming a natural tool right up to the base.
The excessive exploitation of a few users of the system and collective skimming are the evil.
You have a high SP share, just a Steemian like you has to vote more for other Steemians so curate more. 600-900 votes per week distributed to 300-800 different Steemians.

We are still friends, but friends are also there to draw attention to grievances.
Think about your actions on the chain, I don't mind if you earn money with your content, I've voted you myself for years and you've voted me. Especially veteran Steemians like you and me have to set a good example and steer Steemians in a fairer direction, so that all users win and the last Steemit becomes a success.
If you and many others continue as before, our platform will cease to exist.

veronicalee is 86years old my mom
I suggested her steemit to help her mental and phycological health
some of 4-5 friends were my friends for years.
How could I betray my friend to distribute rewards to others?
Moreover, I distribute much more rewards than for me and friends.
And I spent much money to collect the data than the rewards I receive in Steemit
even I barely powerdown up until now for the ecosystem for Steemit
In my thought, in this circumstance, no one needs to accumulate SP.
It is insane and ridiculous.

Your voting behaviour CSI is 15.3, much too low.
In my opinion your voting CSI should be 60-80 CSI !
I want to point out again that I have nothing against you making a profit to help your 4-5 friends.
Fact is that you could curate even more, which you don't do.

I just don't think it's fair that content with low quality content gets a high payout than content with high quality content.

One more, for @ilovemylife

He was doing historical research through Steemit reward system
It was my order
we planned to write a book with the results
You ruined our project.
If we could not use steemit with this kind of purpose
What do the Steemit need for?
For garbage?
So many posts on Steemit are only garbage, in my view.

You ruined our project.

I can't imagine that three downvotes of mine destroyed your project.

So many posts on Steemit are only garbage, in my view.

That's the point! But since #newsteem we have the possibility to take action against such spam.

And I spent much money to collect the data than the rewards I receive in Steemit
even I barely powerdown up until now for the ecosystem for Steemit.

If you have invested at $1 and are now trying to make upvotes and similar to make up for the loss, then this was not a good investment and you should live with it.

One more. I didn't use bot for reward distribution
I have done manual voting
Of course, I read most of the posts I upvote.

One more. I didn't use bot for reward distribution

Even if you had, it would have been legitimate before Newsteem. Now it's no longer worth the effort. And why should a Steemian like you use bidbots with more than 750K SP? Users like you and me have never needed to use bidbots.
I don't understand the argument with the Bitbods. I want a fairer distribution of the reward pool.

@slowwalker I agree with you , i dont understand why some change with temporary trends.
I always say build few, but quality friendships.
Wish you both good luck in whatever path you both take.

Friendships must endure disagreements. I'm still cool with @slowwalker,
#newsteem is the last chance for a positive trend reversal for the Steemit platform. If the whales don't change their behavior the platform will be destroyed in the near future.
Is that desirable?

@redpalestino I respect your time and work.
I am surprised that you are meeting @teamsteem and started downvoting people like me who support his work.

I am surprised that you are meeting @teamsteem

.....and I'm surprised you even know him.

and started downvoting people like me who support his work.

None of us is perfect, each one of us has made his mistake on the blockchain. Everyone can rethink their behavior on the chain.
Maybe you should watch the upcoming video and listen carefully, there will be the theme and actions of Steemians to which you currently belong.

And when I look at your activity on the Chain.....

Voting CSI 1.8 ( 20.82 % self, 160 upvotes, 52 accounts, last 7d )

Is that neither social nor does it help the whole Steemit community.

Start thinking about it.

Best regards


I am just investor and huge steemit steem supporter
We should all be on the same team
I have huge respect for @teamsteem I have met him first officially on #steemschools as an idea to help minnows to join more and grow steemit family.
We can all just try.
I am thinking about it.let me know what did I miss.

I am thinking about it.

That's commendable, I hope you come to the right conclusion.


I said exactly the same.

Are you guys high in this video? 😂
@teamsteem have you heard from @nomadicsoul lately?

The last time I heard was about a month ago. She was good.

I'm always high on life.

That's great to know. Enjoy life bro.

So good to see @teamsteem well and you both.
When is he visiting KL again? 😁

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Sam told me very interesting thing about KL. I'm seriously considering going back.

Now I am curious!
And yes, we'll definitely be excited to see you again!

always nice to meet new people

I highly encourage everyone to watch it.

It was so nice to hang out with you. Let's hang out again.

This was a very raw conversation. I didn't think this would be posted but I'm enjoying it very much! There's a lot of truth spoken in this video.

The first chapter of my first book:

Last chapter of my first book with a link to all chapters:

The first chapter of my 2nd book:

The last chapter of my 2nd book with a link to all chapters

I think it is always cool when steemers meet!

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