Yeah!! Let’s get them all on Steem 😍
That’s a great concept, birdies!!

Loved & resteemed

The things we do for @surfermarly 😎😎

😍 Wish you guys were coming to the in Barcelona :)

That makes 3 of us!

Someone said they enjoyed being in bed with me, so I really think we should repeat that... some day :-))

Season 2!

Wow, didn’t know about that. Wish I could... it’s freezing in Canada 😎

Let's get cozy in Barcelona... wohoooo :-D

Hahah this is such a fun video!! Steem is definitely a great place to share your assets. 😂

OMG 60 seconds is sooo hard!! I keep trying to write a script for an entry and I think I’m just too long winded! 😅

Well done you guys! Good to hear your voices! ✌🏻

Thanks Coruscate 😎.

Yea, it’s hard to narrow it down for sure... have u tried talking less 😂😈😘

Not a natural thing for me. 😂

Hehe 😜

Tres amusant!

And Gordon Ramsay can swear as much he fucking well likes of course!

Well done you guys! And yes, all these people and more could be on Steem and SHOULD be!!!

1 day maybe :)

I am the most popular YouTube paragliding star that you know for sure. 👋🏻 Just putting that out there.

Yup! lol you were number 11 😎

I guess we'll let that fly 😎😎

Impressive concept, keep it going. Congratulations!

@steembirds, as usual, your great personalities shine through!

Love that you uploaded your video to YouTube as well so it might have a chance to be seen by the wider target audience!

If you think its useful, you might include your @Steem.Ninja instant sign up referral link in the description so that you can get rewarded for each new user that you onboard as a result of your video! :) referrals

We're not just pretty faces right 😎😎

Indeed, for this video the more mediums the better I would think.

I'll check out steem ninja again. Typically whoever we onboard seem to opt to wait in the cue for a free account tho...

Nice feedback. I guess it depends on the scenario and how bought in the new user is. We need to build them them more reasons to buy instant accounts

Ya, most ppl i’ve introduced aren’t into crypto at all, so steem is really the introduction to that as well. The account buy is an interesting thing for sure tho since i’ve had friends wait 3weeks. i’ve been claiming accounts as another tactic in the hopes that i can give them away instantly when I onboard sm1 in the future!

Cool! As long as u can make sure u have about 15 so spare to delegate, but we should definitely look at building this service in as well.

Ya absolutely, there’s value in all forms of account creation and transfering. how much does it typically cost to create an account?

And ya i have 15steem i could delgate to a friend 😁.

Account creation has to cover the delegation cost + cost to run servers + card processor cost + any referral rewards + sometimes there is admin, card problems and questions

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is it possible to use this on @steemcasting? -- if so can you fill this out so i have permission to useit -- -- i'll be going around asking all the #sixtysecond massive -- i'm hoping to get a block of sixty to play out in at a variety of times in the day! :)

Elon Musk, where are you)))?!


LOLOL but he doesn't let me into the US. Steem doesssss! XD

Here are your options Mo :)

I could just rape my bf and get a greencard. duh

there you go. where there's a will there's a way ;)

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