How To Maximize Your Rewards on Steemit!

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In today’s video I’m going to share with you how to maximize your STEEM and STEEM DOLLARS, and also your rewards on Steemit. I’m going to show you practical examples of how I’m actually doing this and some of these results, to hopefully inspire you to try doing the same.

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The price of steem is so low that guys are not so interested in the rewards.

How to lose rewards in Steem: use joeparys bidbot promotion.

Yeah bots are not a great way to earn income on Steem. They can also abuse your voting power.

I tried and tried, but after more than 9 months i can not see any thing :(

Same to you

join any discord communities?

Can you add a min roi to your bot please?

Yes I can add this - what did you try delegating

Buy completing this medicine form, you will get $ 100 and you can also buy medicines

Making attractive articles with awesome graphics will somehow garner votes and attract many followers.

That helps to some extent and my name is Joe too.

And it's also important to write good content. Images alone won't let you rank in steemit.

here come the catch. i'm struggle to create good content. best i can do is post comment.

Hey Joe! Great info! I love Steemit and have been on the platform since the begging of the year. You said that you are 99.99% sure that Steemit is the only opportunity like this. Well I'd like to let you know about Scorum. It is a blockchain driven social media/blogging platform with some cool added features. Scorum is geared directly towards sports. Any and all sports. If you enjoy sports (any type) I would definitely recommend Scorum. Like you said in the video early adoption can be huge in these realms.

Thank you hopfarmnc! I did not know about Scorum! I will have to take a look at it -- thank you for sharing with me!

No problem man. You've been a big help to me in the past 8 months with your informational videos. Figured at least I could do was share some information with you.

My first two post have earned over $120. A really cool feature that I think steemit should add that scorum has is a notification Bell. So whenever someone comments or votes on your post you know about it right away. You can find me at the same tag hopfarmnc.

hey i hope to see you in scorum .D

What's your name on Scorum?

Sir I have registered on scorum but don't know how to post. So kindly inform me about the same and oblige. Thanks.

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There should minimum return at BOT voting

What's the point of bot voting? This is not really how you are intended to use steemit.

I just asked @teamhumble on his latest video about voting bots, I've heard about bots but I wasn't sure if they are good/bad practice and his video was the first i seen them voting on. I will delegate to you when i've earned it. Thank you for the info.

Don't delegate your steem power. Use it yourself, you'll earn much more that way and can choose what you vote for.

Thank you for the advice, the whole steem blockchain is still a bit confusing to me, and 1 artical says 1 thing and another says the opposite. I will get there but I don't think my start on dtube as helped. I thought it was just another YouTube and instantly started uploading videos from some of my YouTube accounts. I can see now its more suited to vlogging.

DTube is an interesting platform. I'd encourage you to keep going with it. The curators do prefer original content over stuff thats already on YouTube though, so many post new work to DTube rather than recycling stuff.

They need to lighten up in the face of censorship.

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Stay away from Big Bhatt in less you really know how to use them they can be tricky and you can end up losing money.

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What is Big Bhatt?

oops, I was using voice to text on Partiko . I meant bid bots

Oh I see, ye I have a lot to learn before I start to mess around with bots. Thank you for the advice.

yes its very confusing . like yesterday i invested 7.28 steem on a post in return i got 10.20 steem but they deducted my 1.48 steem and gave me 1.48 steem extra in form of steem power that i cant use it to further promote my posts ,in short if we invest 100 dollar worth steem your 20 percent will be deducted in form of sp . that you cant withdraw for another 13 months. Then how can anyone earn from steemit. infact we are giving our 20 percent money to steemit itself to promote our post , and we need to block that money in form of SP, then how its useful for us.?

Good stuff @joeparys, thanks. check me out and upvote my experiences. I just started in steemit. I need to work on my development here.

Hello @joeparys I delegated 1000 SP so I think you need to invite me to see the courses on discord? Or am I missing something

joe seems very busy, might do better looking into delegating to quality curation services that would upvote you daily with much higher steem power than you delegate to them @cryptowithincin, @kiwibot, @freedomtribe, @teamgood, @dgi, @steemexperience and there are more. They upvote quality content creators and you would certainly qualify. (only one of them listed is mine, @dgi and it also helps hundreds of minnows with daily upvotes so please have a look)

Hi. I'm upvoting this and commenting so I can easily find it in my comment history. Thanks for the info.

Hey cliff yeah msg me on discord and happy to invite you to the courses @cliffpower

Whats your discord name? I'm really new with discord. I searched for your name and nothing came up?

Excellent Joe i will

practical, understandable, but not inspiring!
images (4).jpgimages (6).jpgimages (18).jpg

you are the best. i am new to steemit. but i love most of your aticle and i will always repost it. can you following me please

Awesome. Upvoted.

Holy bejee, you're definitely doing something very right !!Saved!!!!!!

Hi! I've just reblogged your article.

Hi! I've just reblogged your article.

I really want this platform to succeed, but it would seem to me that the only way it will have a future long term is that content must be maximized. Comparing videos vs. YouTube videos, it is clear there is a long way that all content creators must go to be competitive and gain eyeballs, so having a platform that is filled with bot comments, etc. isn't helping anyone long term. As much as anyone wants to make money, we need to increase quality here. I'm up for doing whatever I can to create great blog content, and I'm going to start to create great videos. If anything can be learned here, the quality of @joeparys video content is a level we should all strive to get to, and ideally surpass. Doing that and we will have billions of viewers all generating more income for quality content. Bots are not going to be a long term strategy in my mind.

Quality is important, but scamming people isn't acceptable. Joe is telling people that they should delegate to him to make money when in reality, those people should be voting on content they like with their steem power instead of handing it over to someone else to profit from.

The bid bots only really serve the bot owner, not those who delegate to them. So delegating to Joe's bot is one of the worst things a Steemit user can do. It removes the ability for a user to vote on content they like, which is how this platform will grow. Everyone needs to be able to vote on content they enjoy so that the rewards are distributed fairly. If we all delegate to shitty bots like Joe's then the rewards only go to the people who sell votes, and people who buy votes.

Joe goal isn't to help new people on Steemit, he's promoting how people can help him make more money. And buying Joe's courses will only do one thing, they'll help Joe make more money. He isn't a Steemit expert at all, he's just someone that's bought enough Steem to make it appear as if he is an expert.

Check his old content out, he tells people they should use DTube as a tag on DTube videos because it will increase the likelihood that DTube will vote on the videos... the only problem here is that DTube force you to use DTube as a tag. It's mandatory, so Joe was telling people to list the DTube tag twice... After that he went on to tell people to use a tag that is only used by people who are accepted members of a certain community... which was incredibly poor form. The guy doesn't know nearly as much as he pretends to. His advice is basic, and often wrong. I have no idea who would pay this guy for advice. He's not much better than Jerry B.

Have you approached @joeparys directly with this? My comment is simply about the quality of videos posted here, and has nothing to do with this individual other than to cite that his video quality is high and we should all at least aspire to reach that level of quality in our productions.

I sure have. I even offered to proof read his content to make sure it was accurate. He wasn’t interested.

great info there sir... i'm just joining steem for awhile though i gonna use your information for my steem... thank you sir...

u r doing amazing job

I don't really care about maximizing my payouts,

I would like for people to look at my content and just upvote it.

I just want to gain followers, and give people to look at some nice posts

That's a respectable outlook on Steem

How to NOT get ahead in life: get a dog, get a jar of peanut butter... put said peanut butter on your testicles...

What about the dog?

Doesn't go easy as it looks!!

Hi, i am Nishan new member of steemit.

[email protected] good info for beginners. It will really helps. Thanks for this.

I am happy it helps!! This was my target audience when creating this video :)

I know you have a video series and course and the whole deal. Would you by chance offer me ideas of what to do to as far as finding content. I have a terrible time thinking of ideas.

Thank you
For your valuable posting arrows. If the brother is actually writing this post hand a little hand Actually I used to know the video as well as Chinese. Maybe I could have better understood.
After that you thank me.

Coolio! Just delegated a small amount! See you next week in Toronto!! :))

Amy Honey

hello apologize friend will be that you can help me I need your help will be that you can help me with 2 or 1 style please I need it, thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience

Nice post brother

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Stop spamming please.

very good post, really this platform is very useful, it is good to improve every day, greetings!

Its so nice information for the steemians. good valuable blog.

How much it will take for getting pays if I delegate some of my steem power @joeparys

this is so nice of you sir. you help the newbies
that's great I have upvoted followed you and want to join you on discord but the link has expired shows on clicking on it.
thank you

Hi @joeparys I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

Up-voted! Thanks for the advice really helps us newer users.

Another solid video tutorial by Mr. Joe Parys. This man is a master instructor. I am a student of his course and took away so much value along with massive results. Begin implementing Joe’s strategies to experience a major shift in your Steem account today.

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Thanks you @kenmelendez for your support! You have been doing awesome on Steem man congrats to all of your success!! Excited for Canada!! Steem on!

I’m upvoting, and curious to see how you reward curators :). You have amassed a lot of Steem , and I’m on my way as well. However In sure I can learn more.

i appreciate your cooperation but you should preach free training regards steemit and youtube, i am still confused how can i earn on steemit and without any investment. You should help beginners in the learning process.

Earning without investment? Just start creating content. And don't listen to Joe, he's only trying to convince you to delegate your hard earned Steem Power to him and to purchase his sub-par training videos.

Parys. Kind of sounds like parasite. Coincidence. I think not

thank you for your prompt reply

that's the purpose of steemit. we all trying the same thing.

Great video, thanks for taking the time to make this one, I have delegated to smartsteem and minnowbooster, I did not know about steembot tracker which gives a nice overview of what your delegations are, very helpful. Learnt something new :-)

will delegate a tiny bit of steem power to you, and see how it goes.

thanks again.

Awesome @michaeljn thanks for your support and delegation and happy you learned something new! Steem bot tracker is awesome!

It is a pleasure, always do what I can to support anything that helps get @steemit and @steepshot and @dtube out there.

thank you again.

@joeparys just got a delegation payout, thank you :-) was just testing,

I have increased the delegation as I see it works great, will slowly increase as I go along, thank you for the service.

You got a 35.73% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @gmichelbkk!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

I agree that an APR of ~18% for delegating to bots is a reasonable pay off for the risk of holding larger amounts of (volatile)steem. Be aware that the built inflation of steem is some 8-9% per annum. The formula to calculate risk reqard is too complex for here

Thank you goldrooster for making me aware of the 8-9% per annum inflation of steem! This is an important stat I will have to note for future videos!

You got a 71.69% upvote from @upme thanks to @gmichelbkk! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

Hii Joe.... Good videos. You are doing great. Keep posting such videos. Thanx.

Awesome information for the newbie like me.

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hey friends, do you want to get a vote on your post?
then you follow me and vote.
i will also vote for you.

Love watching vids. I've never bought a product though. The skeptic in me just hasn't been convinced.

really very helpful video i expect this kind one and hope for future also thanks a lot joeparys

I love Steemit and have been on the platform since the begging of the year. You said that you are 99.99% sure that Steemit is the only opportunity like this. Well I'd like to let you know about Scorum. It is a blockchain driven social media/blogging platform with some cool added features. Scorum is geared directly towards sports. Any and all sports. If you enjoy sports (any type) I would definitely recommend Scorum. Like you said in the video early adoption can be huge in these realms.

great effort bro from your end to come up with this kind knowledge and information , i am sure this should help beginnners, appreciate your efforts

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