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RE: Freedom Series - Part 1 - The Comeback, The Great Chain & The Eleven Commandments Of The dWeb

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Okay, Okay I read the whole thing then I resteemed it, so I could reread it later. So what about the way we reinvent ourselves. You did it first. You brought up scripture. So now it's time to "be transformed by the renewing of our minds" Rom. 12:2

Reinvent ourselves! Like a monarch butterfly! A metamorphosis for the journey! Love it!

It's time to act with our entire selves and get the word out!

Oh man! This is so cool! First Quintric and now dWeb!! Wow!!


Love the verse - great stuff! I will be using that haha

We are pushing forward man - we will never stop our mission to decentralize everything.

My pleasure. I have a whole library full.

Time to Fight the Statist Regime! I'm right beside you but, you will have to handle the Tech stuff.