Freedom Series - Part 1 - The Comeback, The Great Chain & The Eleven Commandments Of The dWeb

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The Monday Morning Quarterbacks: hey guys look... it's a scam!
Dev Extremists:Are you kidding guys? It's an illegal fork! It's copyright infringement!
SJWs: No no you fascist idiots.. it's racist!
The Fudders: Nah I know all and I tell you... this here... is a cult!

Stan Larimer: No! That's one of the four horsemen of decentralization and YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
"Decentralized" Community Dictators: HIM NOW! Ban this man of God. Do not let him come in here and speak of the man we are obsessed with! Only we can speak of him and only we can tell people how and what to think.

The Comeback

Many of you know me by a few of those names, unfortunately. Some folks call me "The scammer", some call me a "Racist", some know me as THE "Mother forker", some as a "Cult leader", some have even found time to call me by my real name - Jared Rice Sr. and a select few know me by my role as The Second Horseman of decentralization. It has been a wild and crazy journey to get to this point and we have all heard the crazy stories, the accusations and the lies. Many have stood by me through all of it, and are witnessing one of the greatest comeback. I don't say that lightly. I lost everything because of the Monday-morning arm-chair quarterbacks, who lied about me and portrayed me and what my awesome team spent nearly a year visioning and building for the masses. I was thrown back to the ground because of the Dev Extremists who all of a sudden took offense to people forking software, only because it was me of course. I was harassed and slandered by the SJWs and called a racist, even after growing up in East Dallas my entire childhood and early adult years, while dedicating my life to urban communities, when I finally found a way out. I lost my reputation, completely, through global news outlets and government action, because of Fudders, who have grown so obsessed with me, I believe deep down that at least one of them has my named tattooed on them somehow, somewhere. It's a true story - from nothing to something, back down to nothing - all to deliver what I believe to be one of the greatest projects decentralization has ever seen, without a dime in my pocket - because it was built with purpose. We NEVER did this for the money. We did it in truth, because we were meant to do this. It was God's plan.

Revelation 20:1-3
(1) And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain.(2) He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. (3) He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended.

Hearing Stan go on about my situation, a person who was there for me when very few had the guts to refuse the social mob's popular yet ridiculous opinions of me, motivated me more than I have ever been motivated and drove me to an idea -- that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Listening to his motivating rants, I'm sure you heard him namedrop a few things like "Bench", "dWeb", "BTS3" and so many other things that I was supposedly working on for some time now. So, for our first article on SteemIt, I wanted to take a moment to say hello to all who supported me for months, stood up for me and my family and I wanted to drop in a few important parts of our vision and explain all those confusing words you keep hearing about, to bring some clarity to something that truly needs it..


So what is the dWeb? What is Bench? I know many are confused and rightfully so. This is a massive, massive project, with so many angles it even makes my head spin at times - with excitement. It's actually the reason I chose to make this 24-part series, I wanted to explain it in-depth, my vision for the future of the web, our constitutional freedoms around the globe and how we can bring even our parents, brothers, sisters and even wives to joining the decentralization movement.


The Series (24 Parts)

So before I get started, I know this is a totally new concept for so many and it's important that we cover certain terms that are important for you to understand. The coming of new ideas, eventually births new things and from the transition of these ideas, into physical and useable things, comes crazy words. Those crazy words, each represent a part within our 24-part "Freedom Series", this of course, being Part #1. Below, I will run you through all the parts as well as a description of what that word/part entails. In the coming days/weeks, you all will learn about our mission, the products we have worked hard to finish and where we're headed in the very near future.

So let's get this party started:

Part 1 - The Great Chain & The Eleven Commandments Of The dWeb
Part 2 - Introducing Bench & How We Reinvented Ourselves - Bench is literally the name of our company. We like to think of it like the Apple of decentralization. Apple's slogan is "Think Different" and only by coincidence, our slogan is "Reinvent Yourself". We had to reinvent ourselves while creating this entire idea from scratch, with nothing but bread crumbs in our pockets. We believe in that and we hope our products can do that for those who use them.
Part 3 - The Distributed Web & Letting Freedom Stream - dWeb stands for the "Distributed Web", also known as the "Distributed Web Protocol", aka the P2P web or as many of whom already use dBrowser (definition below), you will probably recognize it best in its protocol form: dweb://. I will cover the key differences in both the HTTP/S and DWEB protocols, how the DWEB can never be taken over by corrupt corporations, like we witnessed with the HTTP/S protocol and why the dWeb is simply far more secure than the HTTP/S-based web. The numbers don't lie.
Part 4 - dApps - "Decentralized Application" and in some cases "Distributed Application" or dApp for short, play a key and fundamental role within what we're trying to accomplish for humanity, what we do and we believe we can take corrupt companies, executives and others out of positions of power, through powerful dApps that the everyday user can benefit from, possibly pay their bills with and even further their education in the process. I will break down how dApps will do this on the dWeb and how we will go about accomplishing it.
Part 5 - dSites Are The New Websites - A new word we created for "Distributed Websites", also known as "Decentralized Websites". dSites are websites served over the dweb:// protocol aka the distributed web. I'll dive into why dSites are crucial to the future, how they put abusive hosting companies out of business within the host-less distributed web, how P2P hosting truly works and why it simply works better than what we're used to with centralized hosting services.
Part 6 - dBrowser - The name of our new web browser for the distributed web. It works directly with the dweb:// protocol and comes with many features to help users jump right into the dWeb with ease. It's also available for all desktop devices and soon will be coming to a mobile device in your hand. I will cover the differences in a browser for the distributed web vs. a browser for the centralized web, how to build dSites straight from your browser, how to create domains on the dWeb and more.
Part 7 - dBank - A dBank is a decentralized bank that is a true DAO. Nobody owns it, nobody controls it, nobody runs it. It runs itself. Coins are not sold by a company, because there isn't a company. dBank was birthed by 21 community members within our growing dWeb community over the course of 6 months. dBank is a fundamental piece of our vision, as it attaches to the dApps on our network as a decentralized payment protocol and pays users for the content they create, write, design, record or otherwise as well as payout those who sell products via the dBank protocol. Did we mention that dBank is a fork of Steem?
Part 8 - dVideo - dVideo is our dweb://-based rendition of YouTube mixed with a little d.Tube and a little d.Live. Like the last two, users can earn money for their videos and content posted to dVideo. We will cover the differences between centralized video platforms like YouTube and dVideo, how the dWeb makes it the most decentralized video platform in the world and how it ties into our upcoming decentralized music platforms.
Part 9 - dTunes - dTunes is one of my favorites, we see it as the decentralized version of Spotify. With my extensive contacts in the music industry that many of you know about, as well as some other currently top-secret music projects that are ongoing at this time, dTunes stands to be a smash for decentralized innovation and will cause havoc around centralized music streaming providers as well as record labels who refuse to conform. We will cover why major artists will flee their current record deals and distribution services for dTunes, how they earn money, gain more exposure and expand their global reach through our ecosystem of decentralized products.
Part 10 - dStatus - dStatus is the dWeb's version of Twitter and some of you are already using it. dStatus differs in many ways from Twitter, with a focus on free speech, privacy, user experience and putting a user's data in their hands. We will go over the key differences in dStatus and other decentralized Twitter clones, how we differ from a typical Twitter-type social network and why we ditched the search bar and retweet button.
Part 11 - dSocial - dSocial is the dWeb's very own rendition of Facebook, a semi-fork of Busy and is highly integrated with both the dBank/DWEB protocols, will bring a fresh crypto-economic perspective to social networking and will free users who are used to being worried about censorship and privacy, while also delivering on securing their need for privacy and free speech, like no other social network has done before - thanks to the dweb:// protocol. We will go over all of those features and how influencers on other platforms like dTunes and dVideo will bring the masses to a better social experience.
Part 12- dExplore - dExplore is the Google of the dWeb. We knew we needed a way for users on the dWeb to find what they needed and find it fast! dExplore delivers on that, along with many privacy features that drove many users to search engines like DuckDuckGo when using the web over HTTP.
Part 13 - The Developer Tools - What would the dWeb be without a plethora of developer tools? We will go over tools like dPack, our distributed software repository (decentralized GitHub) and software libraries that make launching your next project on the dWeb simple. We will even touch on dBuilder and dHosting, which will bring users who are without technical experience, to building their vision on the dWeb within minutes.
Part 14 - dPay - dPay is the Paypal of the dWeb, featuring dBank's native cryptocurrency, along with a our Quint/BTS/STEEM and EOS integrations. dPay allows developers and dSites/dApp operators to easily accept payment within their applications or allow dBank to pay their users for content on dApp platforms.
Part 15 - Decentralizing The Operating System & benOS - For the longest time we have been constrained to centralized operating systems, controlled by the same companies who have hijacked the HTTP protocol. We are constantly monitored and surveilled against our free will. I will announce the upcoming release of the world's first decentralized operating system, benOS, how we went about building it, what we are currently building on it and how in the world a decentralized OS works.
Part 16 - dFTP and the Distributed Hard Drive - A decentralized OS wouldn't be much without a distributed hard drive. Thanks to DWEB protocol, dDrives are here, along with the "Decentralized File Transfer Protocol (dFTP), which has the capability of transforming into many awesome products over time. We will go over what we're working with in regards to dDrives and why they could change the very fundamental design of decentralized applications and decentralized websites.
Part 17 - dDatabases, dSiteDBs and dAppDBs - Oh My! - We consume far more data and content than we could ever consume in food, every single day. Data has become an integral part of our lives but it has also transformed into a hindrance. We have created a series of decentralized and distributed database solutions to power the dSites and dApps of the future, intended to protect user data and provide blockchain-level security, without the need for a blockchain to store and distribute data. We will go over how it's possible to create a dApp on the dWeb without dBank's on-chain storage and how easy it truly is.
Part 18 - One Decentralized ID To Rule Them All - What would the dWeb be without a single sign-on for all your dApps and dSites? It would be too annoying to use and we knew that from the beginning. Thanks to dBankID, users are able to use the same username throughout the entire dWeb itself, without issue, while bringing over their digital assets for use in those sites. We will go over the major upsides dBankID brings to the distributed deb, vs. other distributed web protocols who all lack both authentication and financial protocol layers that make the dWeb protocol so powerful.
Part 19 - How To Bring Consumers To Decentralization - This may be the most important part of the series. It's the one problem nobody in our industry can solve. Either they don't care or they simply don't think it's possible. Whatever it is, we KNOW it's possible. We will go over our plan to bring consumers to decentralization, the influencers we are already bringing to platforms like dVideo, dTunes and others, as well as some advice for other platforms in the blockchain realm.
Part 20 - The dWeb/BTS/Steem/EOS/CloudCoin Connection - Will air live on Crypto Connie - you will have to tune in to find out about Stan's Potion #9 and all the juicy details!
Part 21 - The Misinterpretation of Decentralization - The word "Decentralization" reminds us of the word "Cloud". Often misused, overused, taken out of context or used as a way to make people click the buy button. We will go over what Decentralization really means, how many blockchains have become corrupted and how we plan on stopping that trend.
Part 22 - Our Patriotic Duty To Humanity As Early Adopters - Anyone reading this article, especially this far down into it, is considered as an early adopter of decentralization. You're a believer. We both have that in common. It's important that we stop attacking each other and support each other, to bring a better future to the people who really need to decentralize their lives. I'll explain how we can do that and how we can all work together to help others reinvent themselves.
Part 23 - Regulations Are Important and Understanding The Outlook Is Even More Important - If there is anything I know quite a bit about after the last 6-7 months of the Arise case, it would be the ever-changing regulator environment that cryptocurrencies and decentralized software solutions find themselves within. During Part 23, we will go over explore the regulatory climate, how we can bypass regulations by removing ourselves from the software and pursuing autonomous software solutions but it starts by dropping our industry's greedy side. To be cont...
Part 24 - Reinvent The World and Make The Web Great Again #MWGA - Making America Great Again is a great concept and something we should all want to do, regardless of our political beliefs. While we're at it, making the web great again, might just improve our political climates around the world, improve living conditions for millions, create a plethora of jobs for those who may have never found one in today's job market, amongst other important areas we should all want to improve together. We will go over our vision for making the web great again and how you can take part in it with us!


The dWeb's Eleven Commandments

Because of our mission, our story and where we have come from in this process - we decided to create the dWeb's Eleven Commandments. If the road we travelled to get here had of been easy, there would have only been Ten but due to the environment we typically find ourselves in, we need #11, like a hog needs slop.

1. Thou shall free ourselves of HTTP - by bringing people off of the centralized HTTP protocol with DWEB and introducing a browser (That we have already released), where users can browse dweb:// addresses)

2. Thou shall bring cryptocurrencies/blockchains and P2P protocols together as one - by integrating our STEEM fork (dBank) and dPay (decentralized payment system) alongside the DWEB protocol, where DWEB/P2P vaults that contain dSites or dApps can accept payment and also integrate ways of paying their users for content.

3. Thou shall bring "Single Login" to life - by introducing dBankId, powered by the dBank blockchain, where dApps on the dWeb all use the same login for users, bring over their dBank balances and again, all of this is done away from HTTP.

4. Thou shall separate businesses and people from government/state-ran financial services - keeping our favorite businesses in-business and people out of debt, by completely separating ourselves from anything centrallly controlled protocol-wise but also finance-wise. Thanks to the Quint and our integration with BITSHARES, users can exchange their dBank assets for gold, anytime and turn their earnings into a usable asset, 24/7/365.

5. Thou shall decentralize corrupt industries - by introducing polished, scaleable and user-friendly dApps, to compete with many of their centralized industry counterparts. We do this by introducing powerful consumer-friendly dApps like dTunes (Decentralized Spotify), dSocial (Decentralized Facebook), dShop (Decentralized Amazon), dStatus (Decentralized Twitter), dVideo (Decentralized YouTube), dExplore (Decentralized Google), dBrowser (Decentralized Web Browser), dBank (Decentralized banking), dPay (Decentralized Paypal), dMemo (Decentralized Messenger), dHosting (Decentralized Web Hosting), dBuilder (Decentralized Website Builder) and a plethora of developer tools + I'm sure plenty of dApps in the future, as we expand on vision.

6. Thou shall take a consumer-first approach on marketing and bring the masses- by bringing in major influencers to use our dApps, whether it's major recording artists for dTunes or major influencers on our social platforms - no other decentralized project has the weight we do with influencers and we will bring the masses in with style. It's already happening.

7. Thou shall release the “Great chain”, to free mankind - by paying them for what they love to do, while creating a new global economy for the masses - by using Dan's vision for blockchain-based inflation and APR-models, where users are paid by a DAO for what they create, what they sell, what they showcase, what they record and pretty much anything they want the world to see. (The difference is - data that the dBank pays a user for, is stored with dBank because dBank is the system paying for it. Other dApps that do not pay users for content, simply use our dWeb-based distributed/scale-able database library (dAppDB) and store data amongst peers, rather than on-chain.

8. Thou shall bring privacy and data-ownership back to the people - by showcasing that not ALL data is the same and not ALL data should be treated the same. That's our philosophy. There is no one-size-fits-all with decentralization or via the distributed-web. Some data is private, even on platforms that pay users for data. As an example, if you want your data to say private where you're in control, you won't get paid by the DAO (dBank in this instance) for that data but you also have the power to remove it from the dWeb at anytime. If you want to make money off your content, it should be understood that removing that content is probably not going to be possible.

9. Thou shall throw Google, Facebook, Twitter and the NSA in the trashcan - by creating that same simple and easy approach Google does so well, to a distributed web that people own, rather than major corporations. By utilizing technologies like Multicast to escape network-sniffers created and utilized daily by government agencies like the NSA or firewalls utilized by China's government. People deserve freedom but most of all - they deserve to throw these companies / agencies in the trashcan if they want - without punishment for doing so. That's freedom and we're letting it stream.

10. Thou shall save the starving artists that built this house - because it is important as creatives and visionaries that we put the world first, struggled through every corner of the grind to make this possible - it’s our job - but now we have to eat too - while keeping others from destroying what we have. Pirating our music, deleting our repositories, manipulating our careers, playing politics with a paint brush and so on. Since DAOs are here to pay for content and what people create - it's important that the dWeb feeds the innovators, the creators and the folks we go to bed watching on television or YouTube at night. Because without them - we wouldn't even be using these toys. WE can't let others destroy the greatest minds that walk our planet. The Dan's, The Jobs' and others who make the world a better place. Just as we are helping other reinvent themselves, as creators we are about to reload our guns.

11. Thou shall not FUD or lie about what is really happening here - because we will hunt you down like a pack of wolves. We will embarrass you, we will expose you, we will bankrupt you and then, we will feed you and teach you - how to act.

So until Part 2 - I welcome your feedback and want to know what the community thinks of Bench's launch! If you're looking to take the dWeb for a test-drive and would like download links to dBrowser, they're available within our all-new Telegram room at: - we'll see you there!

Again, a special thanks to all of you who supported this journey. All we ever wanted to do was give people freedom. Anyone who read our earliest writings via the Arise project from over a year ago, knew that this was our mission and you better believe that it still is and always will be! This time, I didn't build in a room alone, I brought 21 of my greatest friends, allies and warriors with me, so that we could take out those who believe they can steal from others and replace them with those who know they're capable of healing others.

Until the next episode,


May the Source be with you.

hahaha -- that's a good one. I'm taking it. lol

Hi guys, love your vision and all you stand for. Would love to see you guys win this social media war. Would be amazing to get our President on steemit, even if it was just a resteem of his tweets. I could see him donating his steem power to the people who are speaking truth or to worthy causes. I also think the new logo looks like a side profile of him lol. Anyway, keep up the great work. Very proud to be a supporter!

Hi @stan and Jared. This is crazy! But coming from Jared that is like the Fenix, I believe he will make it happen this time!

Regards, @gold84

Awesome news, I'm so hyped about this, it's finally happening. I'm imagining this is what it was like for those who witnessed the beginning of Apple or something. The beginning of a new era. Very much looking forward to your next posts and to learning all the little details of this game changing revolutionary new system you guys have built.

Thanks for all the info!

The future is upon us and evolving daily. Thanks for your support Peter!

It is an honor to be along for this ride (and damn exciting too!) :-)

Great news and a great read. I’ll study through this with joy and precision.

Greetings from Tirol!


That's a different beer, you are enjoying yourself! It might just be a different angle but don't spoil the illusion for me, I am in the middle of a working week!

Yes a few beers while on vacation!

I have upvoted and resteemed you because this is important. I only have one criticism. I want to participate, I think this is a good idea, but I can't because all of your dbrowser software is coded to 62 bit and I'm working on Ubuntu with 32 bit. I really want to participate and lend a hand, and I feel I have a lot to offer, but until I can access dweb I'm locked out. I am an early adapter. I've been on Steemit forever. I have a lot of ideas and experience to share with you so please give me and the other 32 bit guys a chance. Thanks and this idea rocks!

I read the entire post so I guess you can count me in as an early adopter of decentralization and helping humanity break the chains that are binding it.

While I wasnt there through your ordeal, I am glad the right people were.

Just let me know what I can do to help.

Going to write a post about this one too...

First to resteem and comment on history being made !

Well done my friend. I have enjoyed hearing about this in Stans Telegram channel !

Thanks for commenting brother - it only gets better from here.

Wow, everything looks to be covered!

I am interested in the bit that says the browser is already in use and here. Can we I see it/ get a hold of it? :O)

This reminds me of the famous strategy of Bjorn Borg: If they play hard, just play harder although i loved Stan's words as well: Never fuck with a good developer :-)
Standing behind this, will resteem, total game changer!

Awesome project !!

@distributedweb Can we develop websites on the dweb now? I tried on windows with Dbrowser but: 0 peer.




@distributedweb Thanks.
dstatus is working.

For a personal dsite, if i share the url to "x", "x" doesn't see anything.

Do you see something here ?


I've done the same test with DAT, and it's working. So i don't understand the problem.
Can you help ?

It's because we changed a few things from the way they do things, as far as privacy. If you will join our telegram at - we have an entire team there who can help - as well as

Thank you !

History made....@distributedweb speak wisdom...i thank God i witness this in my generation

Exciting stuff!!!

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Through it all you have held your own Jared. It's a honor to have witnessed a man with a Purpose that will stop at nothing.

Re-invent yourself!


I've barely skimmed this and I am so frikin' excited that I'm ready to [fill in the blank]...

I have a modest stake in Arise, and was so angry and frustrated when they hit you. 🤬

Thank you for not giving up. I'm going to study what you're doing and learn how I can support your efforts.



Okay, Okay I read the whole thing then I resteemed it, so I could reread it later. So what about the way we reinvent ourselves. You did it first. You brought up scripture. So now it's time to "be transformed by the renewing of our minds" Rom. 12:2

Reinvent ourselves! Like a monarch butterfly! A metamorphosis for the journey! Love it!

It's time to act with our entire selves and get the word out!

Oh man! This is so cool! First Quintric and now dWeb!! Wow!!

Love the verse - great stuff! I will be using that haha

We are pushing forward man - we will never stop our mission to decentralize everything.

My pleasure. I have a whole library full.

Time to Fight the Statist Regime! I'm right beside you but, you will have to handle the Tech stuff.

Nice project !! Thanks , i will stay tuned!!

I was invested in the Arise project because I believe what you are doing. It really sucks to see how the case went but I really believe that Bench will succeed! Amazing work, very glad to see you guys finally releasing some products! #resteemed #allin

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Well this just gave me the burst of optimism that's been eluding me of late- grazie modern Moses!

@Awesome information, i am so hyped about this, it is subsequently happening. i'm imagining this is what it was like for people who witnessed the start of Apple or some thing. the beginning of a new generation. Very tons looking ahead in your next posts and to learning all the little info of this recreation converting revolutionary new machine you guys have constructed.

As I read, even though I did not understand everything as well as I would like to, I felt a growing excitement taking over - until I read that I cannot use bit 32.

If this idea is meant to help everyone all over the world, I would suggest that if you can, you include the older system, as most cannot afford to update hardware to 64 bit (being newer, it is also more expensive).

I'll try to borrow a pc I can use on 64 bit, but somewhere along the line I wiill have to return it.

A question, I noted you mentioned STEEM and by your not mentioning SP and SBD I assume the two are not transferable directly.

I hope you are providing Help files in simple terms for newbies like me. For instance, on Steemit, a post is limited in size. My story that I have been posting (Book 1 being 700 pages) I had to cut into pieces of around to 2 to 5 pages. Once I am on D - can I post the entire book in one post? What will the limitations be...if I am not doing it for the money.


Otherwise, I must say that it is wonderful to meet people who not only have a dream, but also devote themselves to making it happen.

You have all my best wishes and I am hoping I can get started as soon as possible. I just wish I was knowledgeable enough to be of help.

PS - If I may suggest, contact the Gab guys, they are being threatened by Misrosoft and this might be the right time to get them interested - if they do come over, they would be bringing a base of about a million followers who desperately need to be made safe from their govts now that free speech is no longer allowed.

All my best,

I went to check your site and downloaded the dBrowser, just in case I get a pc. However, I noticed you have an app for use with firefox - since Mozilla have announced their browser will censor, stopping users from visiting sites they do not approve of, how will this work with your app? Will it be able to get around the censoring limitations?

Another Q: As your site was opening, ghostering noted two tracking points by Twitter. Is this absolutely necessary?

I have resteemed and followed.

Did we mention that dBank is a fork of Steemit?

Technically, a fork of Steem (Steemit), there's an important difference there. :-)

( I got here because of thanks to @onceuponatime's shameless advertisement aka "A Story You're Going To Love" ;-) )

We forked both to be honest but yes you're correct. Thanks for the correction. Appreciate it man.

Great news, I'm so excited about this, it's finally going to happen. I'm imagining this is what it was like for those who witnessed the beginning of Apple or something. This is the the beginning of a new era. I'm very much looking forward to your next posts and to learning all the little details of this game changing revolutionary new system you guys have built.
Hats off to you all...........

Puhhh this is a lot to digest. And surely I need to read the whole post again.

From my understanding is that what you guys want to accomplish is beyond a simple application. It's shaking the foundation of our current system. Something which can bring an entirely new era.

This sounds so crazy! And I appreciate that you guys are going for it. Respect for that. I am looking forward reading the next parts.

What I would like to know is this: I see here many biblical phrases, so I am asking myself if you are a Christian or where does does it come from?

Wish you all the best guys :)

Thanks for following us and yes we are Christians! Part 2 just came out and you can read it here:

Already on it ;)

Looking greatly forward to learning more about this.

I must echo the sentiment regarding 32bit computing. I haven't tried to do anything yet, but if I can't because I don't have a 64bit computer, I'm gonna be left out.


Wow what a great project!!! Is there any Roadmap or Betaphase that we can check out?

Amazing real life story for humanity!
Thanks ever so much for all your effort!

The technical bits are above my head but the ideas and intention are great!
Resteemed for others.


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