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RE: Freedom Series - Part 1 - The Comeback, The Great Chain & The Eleven Commandments Of The dWeb

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May the Source be with you.


hahaha -- that's a good one. I'm taking it. lol

Hi guys, love your vision and all you stand for. Would love to see you guys win this social media war. Would be amazing to get our President on steemit, even if it was just a resteem of his tweets. I could see him donating his steem power to the people who are speaking truth or to worthy causes. I also think the new logo looks like a side profile of him lol. Anyway, keep up the great work. Very proud to be a supporter!

Hi @stan and Jared. This is crazy! But coming from Jared that is like the Fenix, I believe he will make it happen this time!

Regards, @gold84