Ecency development update 10/07/2020

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Hello everyone,

We are 12 days away from official release of Ecency (22/7/2020). We have been hard at work developing website and improving tech, background services to handle new product releases. We will post some updates until release to give overview of what to expect and how things will work.


Current implementation of was good, it was quite fast but we wanted to push our limits to make it even more faster and beautiful to explore communities, discover better content and authors. Add login and account management on top of it.

Loading time is one of the most important factor for us. We want you to enjoy website that loads really fast. Really happy with results so far, we are also experimenting with different user experience to balance speed and convenience. After release, we will gather your feedback and improve features gradually that benefits you.

Esteem has one of the best multi-account management and login system, with Ecency website we are first rolling out Login with Hivesigner. We think, you will enjoy managing your accounts and login with ease.

We are also using our own instance of Imagehoster.
Last few months we have experimented with different image hosting and proxying solutions. Perhaps will make separate post about what we tried and what was outcomes of different solutions. Our team is small but we knew we could setup our own, decent imagehoster instance to keep things more decentralized. So far, from our tests, we can see that it is performing really well. We are eager to see performance of it in production once we release website.

Esteem points (ESTM), will also be migrated into Ecency with just placeholder name Points. We have learned a lot over last few months about how points are helping you to stay active and bootstrap your social experience, etc. so Points will be part of Ecency as well. will have all of above and more.

Mobile app and desktop apps will also get fresh look with our new brand images. Many more improvements, which we will talk in separate posts.

Stay tuned, stay excited!

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Awesome!!! It sounds like you guys have been hard at work! Thank you! Looking forward to the lunch in 12 days! 🙌

can you tell me what is Beneficiary in the hive ?



You should know that as a content creator you are paid for the articles you write on Hive.

Whenever you assign a beneficiary, you are stating that you'd like this certain account to benefit from this post you've created. Eg. x% of the earnings shall be given to this account z.

Hopefully that was clear.


id there any benefit for using the beneficiary

It benefits whoever you set it to. Not the original author.

Hello @ecency! Really exciting news, personally I really like, this information, and I will still be waiting for this update, because writing in your application is very easy and convenient. Thank you for sharing

waiting for new app nd interface lets see how amazing it gonna be to use fast and neat that what most users want also point migration is best for esteem user best regards to @Ecency

OMG!I'm so excited! I can't believe it's only 12 days away! I can't wait! Tick-tock... tick-tock... tick-tock...

Great, Most wanted app of Hive platform, @ecency 😀

This is great development

12 Days! I am so excited! Counting the days. ❤️

New website will be mobile friendly as well, of course we will improve mobile application to work in harmony with website and allow quick login with QR codes in future. Exciting times are ahead!

And because it is web based it will work from my Chromebook as well?

Wooohooo! ❤️💃❤️

I am eager to see the new mobile app, when is the release of the app?

Mobile app will get new changes but it won't be completely new app, experience will improve for sure 💪

Congratulations @ecency!
You raised your level and are now an Orca!

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Introducing the HiveBuzz API for applications and websites
Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

Thanks for all you do 😌

I can't wait to test this new app.
Download in progress...........

This is all great news, I’m pleased it’s only 12 days away!

Many users are waiting.


i love this app. there are some bug or some more problem here. hope everything will be okay.

I'd like to request that you enable us to transfer the installed app to SD card.

It is in our todo list! Thanks for feedback!

Nice job. Reply to the post with HiveSigner in test version.

Best move on ecency website update. Most of the hive users using web dapp compare to mobile and desktop dapps.

Desktop and mobile apps serve different purposes and we will still like to keep desktop app maintained with help of community, because that's the one app that you can truly get uncensored posts, mobile app as well same advantage also plus it is on go, in your pocket always :)

I love Esteem and now I’m waiting for Ecency

This sounds exciting. I'm looking forward to all the changes and new look. Thanks for your app, it has made it easier to keep up with my networking on hive right from my phone.

Time to buy Ecency Tokens!!

I wish the whole team best wishes and every success with the rebranding and re-release. Looking forward to having a play :-)

Good news here. I really like this app and regularly post through it. And if we'll have web version to login and post will be great! 🍺 😎

I can't boost my post with esteem. I bought esteem for about 10€ but i can't use them.

Could you be more specific, do you get any errors while boosting?

I don't get any errors. It said success and does nothing on mobile and on PC.

Could you share post link?
After boosting, your ESTM balance should decrease and within 24 hours our curators will review your post and curate, if not curated you will get refund after 24 hour.

Yes. At first it seems to work. But after 24 hours I got a refund because I didn't got an upvote. I tried it again with a lower value, but after that it didn't even transfered the esteem to

I will ask team to check it out!