Ecency Monthly Guest Curation Program #23

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The 22nd edition of the Monthly Guest Curation Program here on Hive was a great success, and it was a challenging task to select curators between the numerous outstanding options. In the end, an amazing group of Guest Curators joined our team and performed exceptionally well during their term. It is now time to commence the 21st edition of the Guest Curation Program, which offers Ecency users the opportunity to learn about curation and, in the process also grow their profiles on the blockchain.

The Monthly Guest Program was created to address misunderstandings and answer questions about Ecency's curation. As a member of our curation team for a month, you will have the opportunity to observe how posts are reviewed and curated by our curators. Curators have to navigate spam, abusive accounts, and individuals attempting to manipulate our encouragement system in order to identify authentic users and deserving content that deserves recognition, encouragement, and appreciation.

How To Apply

If you have become a member of our Ecency Discord community, you can share your Hive username by commenting in the #curator-internship channel or on this post.

About the Guest Curator Program

  • Two guest curators will be appointed every month for a period of 30 days.

  • The selection will be based on the user being a dedicated Ecency user, and the decision of the selectors is final.

  • The rules to be followed and the perks for being appointed as a Guest Curator will be shared upon selection.

  • As a curator, it is expected that you have a desire to help the community, and spread love, cheer, and goodwill among users of Ecency. And also, have the ability to identify and report instances of abuse.

  • If the guest curator is found to be abusing the granted role and powers, they will be immediately removed from the program.

  • If you are not selected as a Guest Curator, you may reapply in the next cycle. However, a selected Guest Curator can apply to the program again only after the end of 60 days (i.e., 2 cycles after their selection).

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Join Discord and showcase your curation skills to become a member of the Ecency curator team.

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Hi I have an unrelated question. I keep boosting my posts made in ecency and they keep getting rejected. What is the criteria for boosting and promoting posts? Why are my boosts rejected? I'm doing the same thing I did before. Boosting just after publishing. But they keep being rejected. If you can shed some light on this matter it would be appreciated!

Hi, please join our discord so you can interact with our curators and guest curators. Community leaders like @melinda010100 can help you find relevant info.

Hi thanks for the response. But why is the info so hard to get on hive? @melinda010100 has replied on my posts before and said not to boost old posts. When I asked for guidelines it was ignored. Just not sure why there are no guidelines available if you guys are following. The points are earned fair and square. The question is why can't I use them fair and square?

I will be happy to oblige of you guys can be more transparent about the guidlines. I dont think that's an unfair request.

Guidelines posted many times on chain. Boosts are never guaranteed because curators have to manually review the content and agree to curate it subject to their best judgment and certain community guidelines. Promotes can be done instantly without any need for approval, but shouldn’t be nsfw content. Gifting is unlimited as well, so you can gift others or receive gifts/tips from others. More use cases will be added as our team able to implement them.

I apologize if you asked me a question and didn't get a response.

When I am curating I look for posts that are less than 24 hours old. I look for posts that show some effort. If Ecency VP is low I choose to boost posts that are requesting a 150 point boost and has been published using Ecency.

Other curators may use different criteria. There are no hard rules about what gets boosted. It is part of what keeps us decentralized. Boosts are not guaranteed. Sometimes points are refunded simply because Ecency VP is low, not because of anything you did wrong.

Thanks Melinda for your reply. Really appreciate it. I guess I'm not doing anything wrong and it's just a vp issue. I have been increasing my boost amount due to pints piling up. But will stick to the minimum!


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@ecency Even though I have old accounts on I am quite a newbie on ecency can you please tell me what advantages I will get if i delegate hp to ecency please explain help right now most of my delegation is for poshtoken but I have undelegated it recently so I can delegate to ecency please help me understand the benefits help.

Our image server is being migrated and there is temporary issue with profile pictures, rest assured it will be resolved soon. Scheduled posts should be working fine, we will check more why your posts didn't get published. When was your last scheduled post?

Interesting comment @baah that draws attention to your situation. Thanks for sharing.