From Esteem to Ecency

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Thank you everyone for participating in guessing our new name. We are really impressed by engagement and suggested great names from community. If you are looking for new name for your brand go checkout that post.

For past 4 years, we always wanted to have .com website and better brand identity and name Esteem was too generic and popular English word. Even now, searching for the term usually ends up showing meaning of that word. So Hive hardfork helped us to make final decision and rebrand. But unlike other projects, we have many moving parts, website, mobile app and desktop app. So we have decided to launch proper website where you can do everything you can on mobile and desktop apps. We started rolling out changes in sequences.

Esteem to Ecency!


We are happy to announce our new home and name.


Ecency - /ˈɛs(ə)nsi/ means community and future for us (essence, decency).

Logo - after many iterations, we choose this logo, not only look like older logo with curly e sign but one can also see many different shapes in it - heart, swan, hat, waves, etc. Awesome work is done by our own @dunsky.

We will be launching our new website on 22/7. July 22nd, 2020 is also Pi approximation day, because 22 divided by 7 is close to mathematical Pi number (~3.14...).

Website: will be our new home.

Mobile and Desktop apps will receive update as well with improvements we have been working on.

Stay tuned and stay excited!

Let us know what ecency means to you when you hear/read/see it!

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Wow! It looks so good as an avatar! :) Can't wait to see all the products updated with our new style. Great news! Was really happy to take part in it!

I love it! Nicely done, as always! ❤️

Definitely a positive change for anyone looking for information and tired of getting unrelated "self esteem" links instead.

I see a person (or maybe an octopus) flexing a bicep in the logo. Showing the strength of this move :)

Interesting, didn't see that before but now that you mention it, it is indeed there 💪 🙌

when i first saw it i read it like essence in my head :D

Nice! 👍

Haha I love how all the dApps are coming up with a bad name by putting a d in front of a word and you are leaving it out :D Great domain name!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

What a change! Looking forward for the new website!

Congratulations Ecency!

Oh I had no idea a new name had finally been chosen! Well sounds ok to me. New logo looks simple and good too. 👍👍👍

I'm excited! :)

Congrats to community

Lovely Cute Logo ecency

Perfectly wonderful and an effort I will be proud to be part of! I love the name and as always @dunsky's art work is spot on! ❤️

Thank you 😍

It is nice to keep the letter 'e'. It does sound like essential in certain way. Something necessary and important like our daily essentials that government allows us to buy during lockdown. Ecency can be an essential that any Hive member cannot live without. Becoming a part of them. Congrats in getting a new branding! Esteem mobile is one that accompanies me to work and stays with me at home while I keep myself engaged on Hive platform. Keep the good job going!

When looking at the future, I think that this will be a positive move.
Great logo!

Great! I am looking forward to the change in new updates.
The mobile application works perfect and I am very satisfied with the scope application as well.
I think that the icon is just about right and the name is really likable.
Thank you for everything that you are doing for us.

Sounds good I can't wait to earn more points 😀

So glad the the esteem moved.. Escency really sounds nice and it adds a wonderful rings to the platform

This is an amazing update, good luck in the future. I love the new name and I can't wait for the update.

Great name and nice logo.

I like the avatar. Hope you good luck with "ecency"

Awesome news! Thanks for the update & thank you for all the hard work you guys do!

Looking forward to the new app & site 👀

The name is good but the logo is better

We are also happy how logo turned out! 😊

Keep doing the good job.

Awesome choice of name and logo! :D

Congratulation for the new name. It's bring ecency to his essence for the community.

Welcome over to Hive. Wishing you off to a great start.

This is so cool. I have been waiting for the name change since long ago. At some point i thought it's not coming again

Nice one... did see it coming with that such high meaning. Nice.

Wonderful I love it!!

Exciting news! I’ve just posted my first original poem using the #ecency tag :


I suddenly got an idea for my frontpage.

Great the things required in hive. Logo is perfect and looking more.
All the best!

Love it...
I Hope it will be better.

I really do not like this new direction. I know I missed the discussions that led to this, but geez... if you have to help me pronounce your name things have already gone wrong.

You can pronounce it however you want. But we shared, how we like to pronounce it. And if you could please be specific about what you don't like? Thanks!

I'm not a fan of the name. It doesn't tell me what the site is about in some way. It's an obscure, made up word. That might work by separating you from the pack, but it also makes it more difficult to pitch. The logo is cute, but it also doesn't tell me anything about the product. Always liked the color scheme of blue and white.

Every brand gets recognition through the products and community, those might not mean anything now, but year from now, it will mean something. Take major brands for example, Google, Uber, Facebook, Apple, some doesn't have any meaning and made up, some even mean completely different than the product, but everyone knows what they are doing. Thanks for more details though, appreciate the honest opinion! 😉

You're kind of just describing luck. 😃Best of luck though! Glad to see you still innovating the app.

What will the estm be called now ?

ESTM will likely be called Points until we have SMT release date, then we make changes accordingly.

Hit or miss for me. Remove the esteem exclusive "boost" function and it's happy days for me.

Good change, congrats.

I love what the name stands for. I also like the logo - very creative. I could see the - e - then I saw a heart and waves. All pleasant things!

Excited ◉‿◉

Nice one it rhymes well 👍

This is exciting and I look forward to the new and improved app.

Fantastic guys! Love the new name

Very exciting developments, a renaming has been in order for sometime. Looking forward to it.

Great brand name and logo!!! 👏👏👏 Congratulations for this excellent achievement!

Looking good! :)

A pretty nice name and close to the old one so thats good

Can’t wait to take the new app for a test drive

Aces. Nice name, logo and I look forward to seeing the future of Ecency!

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