Update on Hivesigner integration into Condenser

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Bounty work for Hivesigner integration to hive.blog and wallet.hive.blog is official completed!


Thanks to @voltair for his awesome contribution! Promised bounty reward has been sent out!

Huge thanks to these great individuals: @roomservice, @gandalf, @blocktrades and @quochuy for helping with reviewing, setting app account and merging into development, testing, etc.

Condenser MR and Wallet MR are merged.

One of the strength of Hive is that developers are contributing and collaborating in pure decentralized way. I hope spirit of opensource and voluntary contribution will continue to flourish entire platform.

Now, eagerly waiting for production release of this integration!

Hive on!

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Thanks for the work - now it’s better.

we love to see improvements in the community :)

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I've experienced lots of bugs with Hivesigner and heard others have too, are they fixed?

I am thinking about the fact that private keys need to be re-entered for every new app and that the password doesn't get saved.

Last couple months we have actively improved Hivesigner. Please try again and if you find some issues report/comment here with more details! Thanks! 🙇

That's true, I did experience some challenges too... But am sure they are resolves and I must commend them for that

Thank you so much. It is good work

That's super cool! :) Thank you @voltair and @good-karma for arranging this. I guess you've earned a witness vote from me.

Seems you just posted this for rewards and also you are a cunt.

(I'm very sorry, I think this is an unacceptable way to conduct myself on the platform, but it seems that popular opinion is this is cool!

Have a great day

Nice work. 👌

This is nice, good service.
keep it up

Thanks for your work