Hivesigner - Ongoing development and improvement

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What's Hivesigner

Hivesigner is auth service that helps developers to start building apps on Hive. Handling everything from signing transactions to help fetching data from chain with native API. Beside signing and providing API, it also provides number of convenient features, has browser extension and desktop application, documentation to help developers start integrating Hive into their dapps. Originated from Steemconnect built by @fabien.

Source code:
Chrome/Brave extension (deprecated):

Funding request

All thanks to community, project has been helping dozen new developers everyday to build on Steem/Hive.

Going forward we would like to promote and help getting new developers on chain to build their dapps and improve onboarding of masses.

We have initial draft of roadmap to improve Hivesigner here on Github, we welcome everyone to give feedback in comments here or on Github.

We are requesting 70 HBD per day for the next 2 years. This comes to 2100 HBD per month, which is approximately $1700 USD per month at current market prices for HBD.

Funds will be used to pay for servers, development and design work involved new features and services.
We will publish monthly detailed report about progress and updates, improvements, bug fixes.

Why This Benefits Hive

The benefits of Hivesigner is that, it is offering easy to use and user-friendly authentication/signing while giving user confidence and security, it is offering "getting started quickly with blockchain integration and development" of new applications with traditional Rest API and OAuth 2.0.

About @good-karma

  • Have been on Hive/Steem since July 2016
  • Professional software developer of 12+ years that has extensive blockchain based experience directly relating to Java, Node, and Python, React Web and React native Mobile development.
  • Have founded Esteem (desktop, mobile and web) application
  • Have built multiple apps on Hive/Steem, some of which still in migration state (Esteem Search engine, Swagger UI API for chain, Picker random comment selector, etc.). Contributed many more libraries and packages on platform.
  • Github: and Github:
  • Esteem:

Support this proposal

Progress update


I like hive signer.

It is a good day to be on hive.

Thank you for your efforts and I believe this is a reasonable proposal.

Thank you! Take a look at roadmap, we have number of new features and planned improvements, any feedback or additional suggestions are always welcome. 😉 🙇‍♂️

Making it easy for developers to jump-start their project HIVE using #HiveSigner benefit the own community. I'm confident @good-karma will deliver and I support this project. I've been a great contributor to Steem and now Hive.

Thank you for the vouch and support! 🙌

Awesome ...a better link 😉

Great, updating post now, thanks!

Hive signer is smooth. Asset to the eco system

Can be even better! Almost every app uses hivesigner - peakd, 3speak, esteem, esteem search and many other services and tools. Hope to make process easier and more user friendly for both users and developers.

Having hivesigner in place will make hive easier to use and safe for every users. Keep the good work flowing. How about ehive for us to use here?

Esteem is working and fully functional on Hive!

Voted for the proposal! Good thing. We really need this on Hive!

Funds will be used to pay for servers, development and design work involved new features and services. We will publish monthly detailed report about progress and updates, improvements, bug fixes.

I am interested in knowing more about "development and design work involved new features and services."

I'm curious about what it costs to keep running. But mostly interested in what you are planning.

Hey @javie, thanks for comment. Roadmap or plans are on GitHub page which you can find link in post. Please have a look and let me know what do you think. I have some list of feedbacks/feature from @asgarth as well as from 3speak team, so goal is to work with all projects involved and improve the product.

You have been doing a great job
Keep the good job on

Thanks for news and information.

I've known @good-karma since the days of Utopian. One thing I've always loved about him was his swift responses to issues on github. Always at his best. Keep up the good work bro. Hive is alive.

Thank you! 😊 🙇‍♂️ Utopian was a great tool, we need something similar to Gitcoin or work with Gitcoin to attract more developers and build together.

Yes! I agree with you. I'm sure we will have something similar on the hive blockchain soon.

We have DHF which could be utilized in decentralized manner but more tooling around bounty system is always great to have.


Grande brother. Felicitaciones @good-karma

Wanted to ask a question, why don’t I have my pic/avatar on my mobile eSteem app?

Must be some issue with network perhaps, we will take a look in code and fix if necessary.

I can see your avatar by the way, here is screenshot.


Yeah, I see that, but not on here you see...esnbp1.jpg

Ok, awesome. That would be nice. Thanks!

You are busy.
I still have issues with esteemapp.
Reblogged and think how to help you. 💕

New release is in works, it should be out soon.

cool learnt something new today as a new person on hive

in the next few days I will install Hivesigner. Thanks for information.

Been using it and hoping for its development

You are always dedicated and a step ahead...😀