Do not want to make a profit without capital

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In a world where ego is slowly increasing
People want space without power.

An environment full of greed
There is less giving and more desire.

No effort on my own
Others have been brainwashed
They want to live in luxury.

A little bit and a lot of profit
They want it.

It is as if love is running out
Kindness is lacking.

In fact, the world must have a mind
It is calm.

Always pay the same for what you do.
I do not get up early in the morning
You can not enjoy the beauty of the morning in the afternoon

If you want to see the beauty of the morning
Get up early in the morning.

The tree planter planted it
Someone who does not know how to value it
They pluck the fruit.

The world is fair
Don't go for less that your full potential
You will get the results you deserve.



You can't make money without having money and you can't make profit without having a capital does law of economics

You are right

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