🌍 Global Steem Village News #13: This week from the ecoTrain community

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Consolidating our energy towards a global network of steem-based eco-communities is a clear priority for @ecotrain. We deliberately and consciously curate those posts which speak to the issues, challenges and needs of the emerging steem eco-communities around the world.

GREAT content this week - here are some of the gems, eco-green wisdom & insight shared under the #ecotrain tag this week on the steem blockchain. Even if you don't have VP or RC to upvote, a meaningful comment is usually upvoted by a smart author, so please go and lavish your appreciation and engagement on this great content.

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@ecotrain is a artisan-hand-curated community built around the concept of gift economy and actively making our world a better place. We engage around sustainability, eco-green, permaculture, the glories of Mother Earth, inner transformation, alternative energy, earthships & earth building, recycling - in short, all the practical and conceptual underpinnings of paradigm shift.

Each week @eco-alex and @artemislives scour the steemit blockchain for people using the tag, and upvote-comment-curate in the best way they know how.


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ecoVillage Q&A: Open Meeting Part 1

The PROCESS of creating EcoVillage is complex, and requires inputs on a huge range of topics, from all the committed participants. @eco-alex generously shares the first in a series of posts about the planning for the first EcoVillage in Portugal. So much LOVE and CARE showing through as the fledgling community plans for harmony, productivity, sustainability and self-sufficiency.

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🌍 ecoVillage Journal #6 Q&A: Open Meeting Part 2

And it went ON.... the planning, the LOVE, the CARE and the foundational desire for harmony, cohesion, productivity and synergy. The transparency and wisdom available here are simply wonderful.

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Ecovillages.io - the best thing on (and off) Steem!

The BUZZ and excitement about ecovillages.io is spreading! @revisesociology shares a passionate post about his own journey and studies, and why he's so excited.

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What Is A Neo-Tribal Village?

How is an Eco-Village different from a Neo-Tribal Village? So much community evolving around the world, each with its own slant and understanding of how best to be relevant and cohesive. @senorcoconut highlights the distinguishing characteristics of a neo tribal village.

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What is ecoVillage Coin, what makes it different, the investment model, Is now the best time to buy?

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Ecotrain QOTW What Are Your Priorities In Life And Why?

Think about contributing to the Steem Community of Thought, as we grapple with some of the challenges of life. Post your answer and simply add your post url to the comments of the Challenge Post.

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Since we only have one planet to live on, it's a very good idea to take care of it!

Thank you for all your fantastic work spreading the eco message - deeply appreciated =D

Our pleasure. 😊🌿

Such a pleasure every week to witness the unfurling of new community. 🌿

Oh awesome, thank you for the feature! I guess they're pretty similar in the end... it's just a matter of names I think.

I'm just fascinated with the Eco-villages and I appreciate you pulling the news all together to help keep me in touch with what is going on!

Dear friend @ecotrain, it is amazing the good work you do on our platform, passing, reviewing and valuing publications as beautiful as these... It's fascinating to see that your work already has good results, it's important how you help "users" grow, but even better you help us grow as "better people".
Thank you for this.