@SchoolForSDG4 received new books for 2020

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Hello all,

We finally were able to manage new books for our kids at @SchoolForSDG4. It was a really big issue for me as I am not in Bangladesh. But I was councilling with my teachers and finally, they were able to manage 50 sets of books. This was really great gift and happiness for me at the end of 2019.
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I am busy in Germany but I try to keep contact and donate some money for the cost of school. We need to fix some serious problem at school. And I am communicating with teachers and also getting updates from them. Our admission process is going on and I hope they will have a great journey in 2020.

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Hello there friend! You have a nice post there and I'm planning to build a charity for my school in our place too. I want to help the children there that are working hard to go to school and will ask for everyone for assistance for these schoolchildren. I wish to ask support from everyone so that they will be given the oppurtunity to have quality education as well.