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RE: 10,000 Youtube Subscribers

in #education4 years ago

Thanks. The channel has become quite successful in a small way. I started it as something to just help my students. I got lucky with the Youtube algorithms for a couple of videos and that pushed the whole channel forward. I joined Steemit to help boost the Youtube channel, but it's never been much of a help. Thanks for the resteem.


Videos are really tough to do. I decided to stick with photos. However I did do a few teaching videos when I was doing a TESOL clurse. None of them were particularly good. I don't teach anymore, so there is little point for me to do it.

I think TikTok or something would be interesting to try for really short videos or introductions to your videos.

Frankly speaking the people who can't speak English here just use google translate and want to make a quick buck. However if you are willing to put in the effort, other places are better.

I was thinking of just narrating my stills and adding the occasional video clip, kinda like what those political people do, but I would just talk about history, nature or culture because I don't want to become and ideologue.

Yeah, they are tough to make, but the second one is much easier than the first. I should go back and remake some of my earlier videos. Talking over your pictures sounds good. That is pretty much what I do in my videos. You'd have to enjoy doing it, because it can be really hard to get subscribers. A friend of mine is a writer and he started a channel where he reads his poetry, but he's stuck at one subscriber.

It's a shame poetry isn't more popular. However, I've never gotten into it either.

These days my commute to work takes all the energy out of me and combined with the summer heat, I am too lazy to do much of anything when I get home.

Maybe I'll switch jobs eventually or move closer to work and find myself with more free time to focus on new skills.

The people who got a lot of work from home time are very fortunate if they managed to avoid going crazy.