Aromatic plants // medicine at your fingertips

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Hello friends, this time I want to talk to you, about how important it is to know the properties that have some plants that we have in our homes; which were sown by our grandmothers.

When we see them in our gardens, we think they are only for ornamental use or to place them in some foods; without knowing, that in many occasions they were the painkiller of colics, diarrhea and other symptoms that afflicted us.

Now, I am going to share with you the information of some aromatic medicinal plants among which we have:

Basil: In addition to being used as a seasoning in meals, for its delicate taste and smell; It is also used in infusion to help fight headache, depression, insomnia and to help digestion

It has multiple medicinal uses, among which we can mention the improvement of digestion, the treatment of colic and flatulence, to control diarrhea and against gastric acidity. As the basil is consumed in infusion and as condiments for meats in very little quantity, since its flavor is not pleasant to many palates.

It has been used against different diseases, for having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties; it is consumed like the previous plants in the form of an infusion. It has also been used to improve digestion and relieve menstrual cramps.

It is a plant that has a pleasant flavor, which is why it is used as a condiment in some foods; Just as it has medicinal properties when taken in infusion to avoid mental and physical fatigue, such as decongestant, expectorant, antiseptic, we can also use mint infusion to clean wounds and control mosquito and mosquito bites.

Melissa:This is one of the most used plants to control the attacks of nerves, in infusion it can be taken to calm the apathy, melancholy, anguish and also as a calming cough. It also has its use as condiments in salads, fish and sauces.

With this information, I hope you are encouraged to plant one of these plants in your garden, understanding that more than an ornament are the solution to many medical emergencies.

Until a next friends, I hope you liked it.


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