Protection Of Nature

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Beautiful natural scenery. Always pacify the heart when seen. Quite often there are humans who are willing to travel tens of kilometers, climb high mountains, dive into the ocean. Just to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

Even humans also make beautiful gardens. But strangely, humans make artificial beauty and unconsciously destroy the beauty of nature. Why is that ...? From which sand is used to build beautiful monuments, buildings and parks? If not taken from nature. And most of the ways of taking it are done by not weighing damage. Therefore we can see that the river is no longer clear, due to continuous dredging by the human ego that takes sand in the river uncontrollably. Mountains that seem to lose half of themselves, because humans take it by force to build the artificial beauty that he wants.


All on one pretext. That this nature was created by God to be used by humans. However, again human beings use the word God to hide their mistakes.

Make use of nature. Is part of nature itself. How can we build a house, a building for learning, a beautiful garden to unwind after work. If not by managing the source of material that exists in nature. But sometimes humans become very transgressors. So they want to seek profit and unknowingly destroy nature.



When other humans destroy nature. Then came the other human voices. Which calls for, to return to preserve nature. Thus, on one hand there are those who want to preserve nature but on the other hand there are those who damage it. Ah, or playing the sentence so that it doesn't sound human, on one side there is something that is damaging to nature but on the other hand there is still a conscious human voice that is voicing to preserve nature.

Come to think of it we are guards but on the other hand it is also a destroyer. We want beauty but actually destroy beautiful nature. We want life but destroy nature which is also the source of life.

Protecting nature means protecting our lives. Because we are part of nature. This nature is not just a legacy from ancestors. But nature is also our inheritance that will be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren later. Therefore take care of this nature. So that later our children and grandchildren can still watch, how beautiful is the green mountain, how beautiful is the clear river. And various other natural beauties. Therefore let us protect this nature. Start with small things, for example do not litter, and others.

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