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Hi all. A quick post from me just to flag something I did a few years ago.

To celebrate Father's Day this weekend, we hit the town with my little lad and had a pizza plus a stupidly large ice cream. It is crazy to think about what a stunner of a young lad he has grown in to. The few shots you see here are from Black Milk in Manchester's Northern Quarter, plus some of the surrounding graffiti you get in that area.

These four years have been simultaneously been the shortest and longest years I have experienced. Struggling to get through the hard times, yet unable to reconcile the messy haired ball of energy with the little baldy that I used to cradle.

Just after he was born, I got into thinking about how god damn difficult it was to cram everything into life after having a child. As someone who had a standard 9-5 job, I began to wonder how much more difficult it was for DJ dads doing their circuit. I reached out to some DJs--Luke Solomon, Ewan Pearson, Saytek, Eats Everything, DJ Food, Big Fish Little Fish and Jaime Fiorito--to have a word about their various experiences, ranging from newborn right up to being an actual son of an iconic DJ.

While I try and sweat off the calories of the various things I've eaten, enjoy these few snaps from the big day and have a scan back through these archive pieces from my past.

Eats Everything & Ewan Pearson

Luke Solomon & Saytek

Big Fish Little Fish, DJ Food & Jaime Fiorito


I feel you on this one. I'm still in the military which often means 60-70 hour work weeks with a four year old who is on the autism spectrum. Between work, fatherhood, and the Rugby team I'm on, carving out time in my basement to work on music feels incredibly selfish at times. Carving out a significant chuck of time to actually make progress on something feels impossible some days. I've had to put much of my DJing on hold to focus on what is important.

Yeah, my 9 y.o. has additional needs. He just cannot grasp things like Maths and cannot control his frustration. Loses his shit at loads of things.

My mixing has been binned off 100% recently. Which is why I've been trying to amass money via here to buy a Surface. Rationale is that I can sit on a train/bus and mix on the go.

60-70 hour week is HUGE though. I've been quite lucky at work that I've mandated the 37.5 rigidly with 2 days at home. I start somewhere new on Monday, so nervous.

fourfourfatigue. I barely have enough energy to do all my projects and get through the days now. Can't even fathom what having a kid will be like.

It was fierce. When he was born, I went 3 days without sleep. When I finally got my head down, I hallucinated violently. Steamboat Willy era cartoons flicking before my eyes.

I won't ever re-read these pieces as I wrote them while sleep deprived I'm sure I remember the formatting and flow being all over the shop.

The amusing thing was, around this time I was thinking "at 6 months it'll be better". It kept going on "maybe 9 months", "maybe a year", "maybe 18 months", "definitely 2 years"...

ahahhahhaa. I hear nothing but horror stories of this era in a baby's life. 2 years? damn. I hope they at least calm down by 3 years.

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