Those Heavy emotions

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Last night I finished my meditation but I was still feeling very heavy. I was feeling like I wanted to cry, my heart was heavy and I really wanted to cry. But why? I did not understand, Nothing wrong has happened, absolutely everything is fine in my life, but I still wanted to release some emotions. I was feeling very choked as if something was blocking my heart, I could feel my heart and throat chakra blocked, as if something had to be pushed out. I sat near my meditation space and cried out, I did not know why I was crying but I just did it as I felt I wanted to. Thankfully I was alone at home so there was no apprehension of what anyone would think.

After a long release, I was feeling better and relieved. I could feel the heaviness getting lifted and then I was thinking what must have happened to trigger that block within. I realized that during the day I had made some heavy conversations with a friend. It was not about me, but I got to know that this very good friend of mine was mis treating her house maid. I felt very bad, as I had not expected such a behavior from my friend. Why can't people respect each other, just because someone works for you does not make that person your slave. Every individual holds their respect. In the last few days a couple of cases I happened to hear about people misbehavior. I guess it was all piling up and today the burst happened with this conversation.

But with this I also realized that right now my own energy field is so vulnerable that I am getting impacted with other people's life events. I am taking it too personal and I am getting attached to these situations which definitely is not healthy for me. Yes, I need to do my cord cuttings because I do not wish to be a part of all this drama.


We are so much energetically connected to everything around us, we do not realize in a day how much energetic influences we have, sometimes it just passes by and sometimes it impacts us, like how it happened to me. Even my meditation did not help me much, but yes it did get me to a point where I could release and get relieved. The moment we get attached to something we start experiencing strong emotions, hence it is so important to look at things from the outside before allowing them to seep within us.

After the release I felt light and better and opened up, but then I thought that I should have not stepped into that frequency in the first place. But at the same time I am relieved that I could get out of it soon and it did not get stored within me in any part of it. Pent up emotions are all together another trouble maker and should be avoided. Any kind of pain if not released gets stored in the physical body and that ends up giving all the physical health issues, so it's best to release and not suppress or ignore them.

Anyways today morning when I woke up, I am fine and back to my normal self. Happy and high as always :-)

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I'm hearing your message loud & clear: "I should not have stepped into this frequency in the first place!"

Hugs & yay you for meditation time and giving yourself the things you need. x

That was a good read. It's true sometimes we forget why it feels heavy even after meditation or after a happy activity the sudden need to cry sets in.

When I was younger I hold the emotions in because that is what we were taught to do as men or a young boy crying is weakness and so on.

But crying does make us better for some reason it really clears up the mind and the tension in our body. You writing remind me of my brother who just left recently I think of him from time to time and cry he was my best friend.

Anyway I hope your friend will treat the maid better everyone deserve respect and kindness. Have a good day @nainaztengra

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you lot of strength to cope up with your lose and Peace for you.
Wish you too a very good day @ragnarhewins90

Yes healed myself recently everything is going great. Hope to see more of your work soon take care and keep safe always