THE UNBELIEVABLE FACT! ~ Insects are endangered

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   What is our prime priority? Well, it is hard to state that in this delicate situation. we can say that pollution is one of the important dilemmas for mankind these days. Considering it as a complication efforts are being made. Or is it COVID-19? On the other hand with the advancements in the industrial revolution, mankind still poses a threat to wildlife and the environment. Our pollution cycle is continually affecting the environment through many great climate changes resulting in the fall of habitats for the wildlife including a huge range of creatures.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

   One of these families of creatures includes insects. Insects, myriad and enchanting creatures of nature. It appears that they have the largest number in the consumers' group yet they are facing extinction! The recent research regarding insects reveals that the figure of insects is decreasing effectively all over the world. Scientists suggest that if humans don't pay attention to this then we might see extinction. On the bright side, we can halt over this decline through some measures to protect these creatures.

   Pollution and human impacts on the natural environment have caused hazardous conditions for other organisms. they are affecting these little creatures too. Humans have devastated many gifts of nature and will lead to doing so in the future until it realizes about its mistake. It is time to stop making mistakes and lead a helping hand towards nature.

Image by Marzena P. from Pixabay

   Why are these creatures necessary? They are enchanting but at the same time, some of them look like nightmares. Well, insects play a significant role in the ecosystem. They are the main part of food chains and if they are removed from the food chain, it can bring biological changes in creatures feeding upon them seriously affecting the whole biosphere. Insects are also an important part of pollination, a process of transfer of pollen to stigma to enable fertilization, helping to blossom pleasing and charming flowers. If insects are eliminated from the process of pollination, then the main sources of pollination will be only animals and humans.

   Insects also work as decomposers, an essential role! they decompose the dead living organisms to provide food to many microorganisms and maintain the balance in the ecosystem. these little creatures also help in seed dispersion resulting in the birth of plants in different areas.

Image by Hermann Kollinger from Pixabay

Dr. Matt Hill, a specialist in aquatic habitats presents the below Nine-Point-rule to help regrowth of insects:

  1. Avoid mowing lawns frequently.

  2. Plant some native trees in areas that are not currently being used.

  3. Avoid too much use of pesticides

  4. Don't cut down old trees if you think it isn't worthwhile and leave dead leaves because they can be a home to many species living in them.

  5. Build an insect hotel with small horizontal holes that can become their nest.

  6. Reduce the carbon footprint; it affects insects as much as other organisms

  7. We can support and volunteer in conservation organizations.

  8. Do not release animals or plants directly to an ecosystem this might affect the food chain.

  9. Be more aware of these little organisms.

A point from me

  • Please do not squash them under your feet

  1. An ant can weigh masses 50 times its mass
  2. ladybirds might eat more than 5,000 insects in its lifespan!
  3. Dragonflies have been living on this planet for 300 million years!
  4. Bees can beat their wings 190 times a second, that is exactly 11,400 times a minute.

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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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Bulb vector source: Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay

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Well put i love all insects and will let them be the one i hate is the mosquitoes and i will go to any length to eliminate them 🤣

Welcome to @hive and all the best on your journey with @hive 👍

What would be a life without any difficulties? I mean if they bit you you get the itch and pain. That's why God made them as I think. They play an important role!
Well about the mosquito. It can't live for more than 14 days.

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Unfortunately sad to say but i wish God didn't creature them they are just a pain in the ass for me.

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