Why you should vote for @eturnerx-honey as your hive engine witness

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In this post, I'll outline why you should vote for @eturnerx-honey as a Hive-engine witness. You can use TribalDEX, or some other frontend.

I, @eturnerx bring a range of technical skills, strong values and broad experience to benefit the hive-engine ecosystem. I believe in decentralization and have demonstrated the personal skills to navigation the inevitable negotiation that decentralization demands.

My professional expertise and formal qualifications are in business, computer science, and media technology. I like learning languages, reading, the outdoors and music.

I have a broad range of skills, including apps, visual design, history, web, digital installation, interactive design, and UX. As a former academic, I can absorb highly technical information quickly.

On the HIVE blockchain, I have been a big supporter of communities - including sponsoring the MSP Make A Minnow competition. That competition awarded delegations of 5,000 or 10,000 for four weeks to worthy accounts nominated and voted for by the community. Those that have worked with me can vouch that my values are solid and that's important since Hive-Engine is the home to millions of USD of assets.

Since Hive Engine started its witness program two days ago, I have helped new witnesses bring their nodes online. I, and others, have done this via technical support on discord. I have also used my stake to ensure that lower-ranked witnesses get to test their nodes. I have also reviewed the code for upcoming changes to the witnesses.

Here is an example of the value I bring to the witness pool for the Hive-Engine side-chain and why I deserve your witness vote:

During a code review, I discovered an issue with the quorum size for a proposed update. I saw the situation as needing fixing and initiated discussion. To the credit of the other witnesses, they also agreed and the coder/witness @eonwarp quickly implemented the decision. This demonstrates I can and will read code, find issues, initiate discussion and work with others towards resolution.

Vote for me if that's what you expect from a witness.

Also, I'm a dog-father. She thinks you should vote for me too.



You've always been friendly/approachable, intelligent, ethical and provided helpful feedback on multiple projects over the years. You'll make a good hive-engine witness and you've got my vote :)

Likewise. Carry on good sir!

Thanks for helping out verifying id the node is on by casting temporary votes!
Nice to meet you!

Gave you my small vote!

I love your dog!

And thank you for your vote and support.

And vote for your witness :)

Solid post.

Thanks for the solid Upvote!

Definitely one of the best people I've had the pleasure to collaborate with on and off the blockchain. You always do what you can to build and add value to communities like MSP and Make a Minnow. You've got my support! I actually bought some workerbee and powered up to have some vote power. 😀

Thanks for the testimonial and your very many projects that make HIVE and HIVE-ENGINE what it is. It's kinda fun being an oracle on https://dublup.com. I am oracle - I see into worlds beyond.

I'm gonna buy some workerbee just so I can vote your witness.

Oh wow! That's muchly appreciated.

Oh lala! That is why they say that nothing is accidental but that a large part of the process is causal, finding you and reading this entire description of you allows me to know a little more about the human being who works every day for a project that grows little by little and makes me happy.
I attest to this MSP Make A Minnow project, where I was a beneficiary of 10,000 SP, which made me feel that I could help many, changed my vision and perception of the chain and started my first steps in the world of healing , I encourage you to create some projects to meet many users sharing a little love with many comments where I shared my experience with Make Minnow.
I want to tell you that you have my support and although I am small, maybe I do not have much weight to make you climb, but I can talk with other small fish friends to support you, because your work has value and is important.
You deserve a good place.
Best wishes to you and I hope all your projects come true. It's my way of being grateful to you.

Also the eyes of that beautiful dog are that make anyone fall in love lol.
Good vibes.

Thanks for your kind words and support.

You got my vote already :D Keep up the good work!

only reason that really matter is the...

Also, I'm a dog-father. She thinks you should vote for me too.

that alone should get you all the votes the look on her sweet face is too much!

She can be very persuasive. ;)

Ok, since you're a dog-father. 😉

Let me go and find a spare witness vote for 沐沐

Hi! This is for hive-engine witnesses, not hive witness itself, so you likely have spare slots https://tribaldex.com/witnesses. You probably don't have WORKERBEE tokens - but I'd appreciate the vote of support anyway.

Oh, I must confess I don't keep myself up to date with what's happening on the chain. So I have to get some WORKERBEE tokens before I can vote? More reading for me to do to understand that this is all about the logic behind it.

Eturnerx has been very quietly doing amazing things in the background on Steem/Hive for years <3 He has supported initiatives in MSP and other communities to help small users grow, is a pleasure to work with and also has great technical expertise. I have no doubt he'll be an amazing witness 🔥


is that you @eturnerx??

Of course, you have my vote!

Anyway uhmm... I don't know how to vote lol. I tried to search you in the witness tab but I couldn't. I used TribalDex but not sure If I should uncheck your hive name, it does not say anything. Anyway, I unchecked and it said witness approved ha! I hope I did the right thing!

Hey @diabolika , this is for hive engine witness, not the general hive blockchain witnesses. You need the hive engine token WORKERBEE staked to vote hive engine witnesses.

It's okay. I appreciate the support anyway ;)

Thanks for the link to how to vote!

On the website https://tribaldex.com/witnesses , you can click on the blue checkmark next to my witness name @eturnerx-honey. Thanks in advance!

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You are a dog daddy?!? Damn. As a fellow pup papa, I’m sold!

So... now we are two from NZ =) at least.


Have you been around lately?
I am new and I want to vote for you as a witness.

How is your dog? Kiss her and pet her from me. I miss mine.

@eturnerx @eturnerx-honey

Hello, yes I am still around. @eturnerx is my main account. @eturnerx-honey is my hive-engine witness account. My dog is doing well - she's with me almost all the time and still likes walking in the bush. Do you have plans to get another?

@eturnerx, yesss, dogs are great friends! I still miss mine, and meanwhile, 3 cats made their home over here...hehe! I'll see what life brings me.

Thank you for your support, my dogs are fine

Oh, this is like two month ago. I missed this, can I still vote?