Hive-engine airdrop distribution script

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I wrote a script to assist with air-drops to Hive-Engine token holders. You can find it here:


A node js script for token airdrops for the HIVE blockchain based on membership holdings of a specified Hive-Engine token.


This project is intended for airdrops: either dropping more of the same token to existing users or airdropping a token to owners of another token. Using this project for profit distributions/dividends might violate Hive-Engine's T&Cs regarding security tokens and additionally there are likely other legal compliances issues to consider. Support for Steem and Steem-engine may be deprecated in future. This project has minimal error checking. You are assumed to know what you're doing.


node index.js token_config.json amttoairdrop [activekey]

Without activekey: print the airdrop distribution schedule.
With activekey: execute the airdrop distribution schedule.

e.g. node index.js token_SOMETOKEN.json 17.021')
Uses the config specified in token_SOMETOKEN.json and prints out a schedule for the pro-rata air-dropping of 17.021 tokens.


Requires node js.


General usage only requires the index.js, package.json and a token config.json file but it doesn't hurt to have all of the files. Change into the folder and then type:

npm install --production
Then edit the token config.json file to your specific needs.


Developers should download everything. Place these into their own folder and then:

npm install -g typescript
npm install

Then edit the token config.json file to your specific needs. The project uses TypeScript so you should only edit the .ts files.

Token config.json files

Please see the example files.


  1. Hive blockchain tokens can use a list of nodes in a JSON array to enable automatic failover.
  2. Test run your distribution without an active key to review the distribution schedule before executing the distribution.
  3. Test run your token config.json with a small distribution first. Often 1.0 tokens will be enough for a test run.
  4. The distribution schedule printed when an active key is not supplied is optimised for importing into a spreadsheet. Redirect the output to a .tsv or .txt file and then open in your favourite programme.
  5. On unix, use thetee command to output to a log file and to the console. x | tee logfile.txt. In Windows PowerShell you can use Tee-Object and in x | Tee-Object -FilePath "logfile.txt"

Nice to see some more stuff for Hive-Engine. I might have to make my own token.


Awesome work finally getting to see a bunch of new tools for Hive engine especially after rishi 556 was able to build me stake all and claim all tools!

These tools are actually huge game changers! The ability to save massive amounts of time using these is just phenomenal.

Hello fellow dog-parent! @rishi556 is a cool dude indeed, and responsive to needs. Let either of us know what other features you might need and we might be able to fit it into the scripts. If it's the type of thing that'll suit many token owners then we'll try fit it in. All part of that witness service imo.

What air-drops we are getting ?

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Thanks for your support on this platformm @eturnex,,

Excellent work as always. To learn and to use :)


Excellent work... Great to know you code too 🙈