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Hi steemit I hope you are very well, today I want to share with you an event happened with my best friend, which, I was very surprised especially by her with whom at all times I shared my "pranks" and my day to day. I tell them my friend at the age of 19 was an excellent student of Business Administration, a very active, fun and extroverted girl; one day she had an accident in her house, she hit a very heavy object on her head and left her unconscious, her parents, because they were worried and scared, did not wait for the ambulance and much less paramedics, but decided to lift her and take them on their own to the nearest medical assistance center; they thought that everything was fine, because, he did not suffer major injuries at first sight, there was no bleeding or anything similar.

Upon arriving at the hospital, my friend had already reacted, but did not articulate any word with any of them, was attended by the doctor on duty and put in observation for a few minutes, they did all the exams that were required (X-ray, tomography) , Everything seemed normal". However, something had changed his brain was observed slightly inflamed product to the accident, the specialist informed them that because of that he had lost consciousness, but very soon everything would be normal. For this reason, the doctor decides to indicate a treatment that would allow a rest to his brain (he kept her completely asleep)

I told them that my friend could practically not articulate a word without the help of her sister, because whenever she wanted to express something, she told him what it was. In addition, product of the drug consumed who helped her in ALL was her sister and never during that time left the room.

After a few days and medical rest, he had to rejoin his daily activities; in all that time he was in bed for medical reasons his parents noticed that he constantly repeated that he felt a very strong headache and said that it was a product of what happened. Until one day my friend decides to tell her mother that she was afraid to leave her room because if she had to name an object she did not immediately remember the name, her worried mother decides to take her to another specialist.

The specialist begins the consultation by asking the routine questions for them, showing them pictures and asking the name of them ... everything "normal", what surprises me about all this is that until that moment her mother notices that she does not remember most of the names of objects, not least name of their relatives. Of course it was normal for her to call her mom at all times ... The doctor's diagnosis at that time was that she had post-traumatic amnesia ...

This is a type of amnesia that is due to injuries to the head that do not penetrate the skull. I remember that when I learned of my friend's accident, I was on a trip but when I returned, I immediately went to her house; When I arrived, I greeted her with a kiss and her immediate response was, and who are you? I felt very sad, but I decided to investigate how to help her. Since, every detail matters. Constantly reminded him of details, pranks we had made in our childhood, those details that gave him emotion and joy.

Every day I could remember an event for a detail, a sound, an aroma. Come to my memory one day we went to eat between your favorite foods was the Chinese rice with shrimp, they loved it, until you tried them again after the incident ... hahaha completely hated you I will never forget your face almost throws up the plate that day ...

In addition, she continued her life with total normality without abandoning her studies, let alone her daily activities, since this would help her. With this I understood that every situation in life will teach you to improve.

The motto that we now have as friends and sisters is that every second counts ...

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