Sexuality in the teenagers / teen in the society

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At present the youth looks for an acceleration of his way of life, since, they want to know the been afraid one but simultaneously coveted world of the adulthood and this way to contemplate his benefits since it it is the sexual aspect, probably product the quantity of sexual cells that is a condition conceiving in them during his puberty. For it, it is necessary that every young person possesses a healthy sexual education and could decide the opportune moment to be activated in this world and this way hereby to avoid negative consequences as pregnancies in teenager and sexually transmitted diseases.

These topics were little reported in previous decades, but due to the modernization of our company it is a topic necessary for the youth, due to the fact that, it performs great importance to instruct the teenagers which and how they are the forms of the care if already they decided to be sexually active, it is known that many educational institutions teach brings over of this topic. Nevertheless, one speaks with the clarity needed for all his doubts, since, to instruct the young persons in a sexual suitable planning is necessary to avoid risks in our company.

In the suitable use of condoms they will help to the youth at the right moment; what is of major help to announce the condoms for woman or for man. In case of the condoms of the women it is important to mention his efficiency and his better utilization. Of equal form the use of the condoms for the men. That is to say, to instruct them in a sure sex.

The sure sex takes you to the love, protection and to captivate this relation not only as an unload of the hormones but to a need of the human being. If we speak about a sure sex it is needed to establish that into the planning of the moment always the importance will relapse of this, as teenager not to fall down in this need that it is born in every man and woman only with a fret or a kiss. But all this, it allows them to cultivate his physical and psychic maturity.

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